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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Theatre Organ Videos

I found these Videos while searching for Theatre Organ Videos. A Band called Sumner Brothers In The Garage, sent me a new Video of theirs, in which they used a Theatre Organ. It was pretty cool. The organ had a Mechanical Bass Drum, Zylephone and I'm not sure what else hooked up to it, so that they could be played by the Organ Keys. I like the song, Lose Your Mind. And Carol Williams is an Amazing Organist too! I found her videos in my search. Check out the Videos here and more in the links below... 


Aug 2, 2011
Sumner Brothers In The Garage says
thought you might like this – it's a theatre organ – there are only a few hundred of them left apparently – the song is 'lose your mind'

Video Link... 

St Sulpice Paris-Daniel Roth & Carol Williams' TourBus

Video Link...

From: BellVideo  | Apr 2, 2008  | 89,089 views
Carol Williams' "TourBus" goes to Paris - from her video series about Large & Small, Famous & Unusual Organs of the World: We had arrived to Saint Sulpice and did an interview with Daniel Roth. Afterward Daniel asked Carol if she would like to play the organ. Carol sat down and played this with no rehearsal, I recorded. This is the 4th video in the series called "TourBus to the King of Instruments" its music, people and places. Dr. Carol travels the world performing and exploring the great organs of the world.
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Video Link...

Theatre Organ Videos
‪theatre organ‬‏ - YouTube
‪Theatre Organ & Grand Piano: Tchaikovsky PC #1 in Bb Minor‬‏ - YouTube
‪Misha Stefanuk performs West of England March by Paul Morris on the Paramount 332 theatre organ‬‏ - YouTube
‪PAUL KIRNER at the COMPTON THEATRE ORGAN at COMPTON LODGE SAPCOTE playing a "Noel Gay" Medley‬‏ - YouTube
‪Mark Herman at the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ‬‏ - YouTube
‪Theatre Organ: Ragtime Dance (Joplin)‬‏ - YouTube
‪John B. Terwilliger Theatre Organ Concert - John Dickinson HS, Wilmington, DE‬‏ - YouTube
‪Brandon Smith Theatre Organ‬‏ - YouTube
‪BellVideo's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
‪BellVideo's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
‪BellVideo's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

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