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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shocking [Jack] into submission with High Voltage! - YouTube

Shocking [Jack] into submission with High Voltage!

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I still have one of those flash units in my drawer, somewhere. My buddy use to work at a Photo Lab (back in the 90's when film cameras ruled). And when the took the film out to be developed. He use to save the flash units, to play with. We use to use the Flashers at night to have blinding contests. He thought it was great fun to blind me while driving. I didn't agree... Too many bright flashes, while driving or riding in a Truck, makes me feel nauseated. Not to mention, causing me to instantly drive while blind!:O Often we would accidentally touche the wrong place while setting off the Flash unit in our hands. Ouch! But not that bad. 5 shocks in a Row. Now, that begins to hurt!:O


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In this hackaday original video, [Jack] takes one for the team by getting shocked with his latest hack, a stun glove. After that, he'll show you how one is built.

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Video: Shocking [Jack] into submission with High Voltage

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Hackaday headquarters has recently been overrun by techno-groupies hanging around outside so we decided to take some measures to discourage that. A word of warning though, if last week’s video ruffled your feathers then you probably shouldn’t watch this one. In this video [Jack] shows you how to create a stun glove using a disposable camera and some leather spikes. To prove that it really works, he intentionally takes a jolt from it courtesy of Hackaday’s security chief [Vlad].

Check out the video after the break.

Like last week’s video, we don’t recommend that you actually try this. This is a weapon and is dangerous by its very nature. As [Jack] attests to in the video, it hurts to get zapped by a device like this. If you are to take anything away from this video, it might be that you should treat disposable cameras with respect if you choose to take one apart.

Like seeing our writers get shocked? Here is a video of [Caleb] being shocked with a Tazer at CES last year.

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