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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kinect-based turntable 3D scanner looks very promising - Hack a Day

Kinect-based turntable 3D scanner looks very promising

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We know that the appearance of the Kinect 3D camera hardware, and subsequent open source driver hacking conquest, is a game-changer that brings the real world into much closer contact with the virtual world. But it still amazes us when we see a concept like this turntable-based 3D object scanner that works so incredibly well.

The concept is extremely simple. A box made from foamboard rests atop a turntable. At its center is the object you wish to scan being well-lit by a small LED light source at each upper corner of the box. First up some code and capture data about the sides and top of the object as it spins. To put the shoe back together in the virtual world, he used a modified version of RGBDemo v0.6.0, a Kinect focused project written by Nicolas Burrus.

[A.J] says that the scan comes out pretty well after just one pass, but that’s not stopping him from setting his sights on making this work with three of four Kinects at once. Don’t forget to check out his video demonstration which is embedded after the break.

Microsoft Kinect Turntable 3D Scanner

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Kinect RGBDemo v0.6.0

(redirected from Research.KinectRgbDemoV3)

Demo software to visualize, calibrate and process Kinect cameras output

This software was partly developed in the RoboticsLab and aims at providing a simple toolkit to start playing with Kinect data and develop standalone computer vision programs without the hassle of integrating existing libraries. The project is divided in a library called nestk and some demo programs using it. The library itself is easy to integrate to an existing project using cmake: just copy the nestk folder as a subfolder of your project and you should be able to start working with Kinect data. You can get more information on the nestk page.

Current features include:

  • Grab kinect images and visualize / replay them
  • Support for libfreenect and OpenNI/Nite backends
  • Extract skeleton data / hand point position (Nite backend)
  • Integration with OpenCV and PCL
  • Multiple Kinect support and calibration
  • Calibrate the camera to get point clouds in metric space (libfreenect)
  • Export to meshlab/blender using .ply files
  • Demo of 3D scene reconstruction using a freehand Kinect
  • Demo of people detection and localization
  • Demo of gesture recognition and skeleton tracking using Nite
  • Demo of 3D model estimation of objects lying on a table (based on PCL table top object detector)
  • Demo of multiple kinect calibration
  • Linux, MacOSX and Windows support
Read More and see Videos...

Pretty Cool Stuff!:) I think I need a Kinect...

Kinect-based turntable 3D scanner looks very promising
Kinect-based turntable 3D scanner looks very promising - Hack a Day
Microsoft Kinect Turntable 3D Scanner - YouTube
Nicolas Burrus Homepage - Kinect RGBDemo v0.6.0
RGBDemo v0.6: 3D model acquisition of objects lying on a table with Kinect - YouTube
RGBDemo v0.6: multiple Kinect calibration and visualization - YouTube
RGBDemo 0.5.0: Improved scene reconstruction - YouTube
RGBDemo v0.4: experimental people detection and height estimation with Kinect - YouTube
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