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Monday, March 3, 2008

DonSongs by Don Bishop

About me:

Hi I'm Don,
I'm an old Metal head, but I like allot of different styles
of music. I volunteered for Local Christian Concerts since 1989, for
5 years at a Place Called Footloose – Power House. Then I mixed for
local shows at several Ministries like Gods Place – GPI Concerts
and The Aqua Bar for 12 years. I've always dreamed of singing in a
Hard Rock - Metal - Hard Core or maybe a Noise - Metal Band. I don't
know, I just love singing with a Real Band!:) Me and some friends
started a Band back in about 95. We practiced every week for 6
months, but we never played out. Then the Guitar Player left to play
with another “friend”;) And after that everybody, except me, got
married and busy.... So, No Band yet, but I have been able to do some
recording with a very talented friend named Marty Splawn. I write and
sing and Marty does everything else, plays all the music and did the
recording on this Album, Living Beings – Climate Control. And we
mixed it down together. Check out our songs, k?:)

Don - Living Beings -

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