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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celtx - #1 Choice for Media Pre-Production

This is a very cool Open Source Application. It's a bit above my experience, which is none with this kind of App. But, I think it would be a great tool for a writer of any kind or genre.


Celtx is the world's first all-in-one media pre-production system. It replaces 'paper & binder' pre-production with a digital approach that's more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.

Writing Tools


Celtx includes five dedicated industry standard editors for writing:

  • Screenplay
  • Stageplay - International and US standard
  • AV scripts - including documentaries, music videos and advertising.
  • Audio Play - including radio plays and podcasts.
  • Comic Book
  • Novel

Celtx includes the essential features that writers need to keep their fingers moving - like intuitive formatting, text auto-complete, page breaks, dual column dialog, scene management, scratchpad, embedded notes, title page generation, pagination, printing, spellchecker, keyboard shortcuts, find and replace, script importing and exporting, PDF and HTML script reports, and collaboration.

Text Lock

The Text Lock feature enables a writer to lock a script from further text editing, while still allowing others with whom they share the project to continue working. This can be used to protect a script while it is being marked up and broken down for production. The script can be locked and unlocked as many times as needed.

Revision Mode

Revision mode provides writers with the ability to lock scenes when editing a script that is in production. The feature supports the Hollywood standard A and B scene nesting, an innovative numeric mode, plus the ability to create your own unique nesting style template. A 'Fix' feature can be used to manually change any scene nesting. Revision mode also enables edits to be colour coded to help keep track of changes made between revisions or by different writers.

Adapt To

With a single click Adapt To converts any fully formatted script of one type into a fully formatted script of another - for example, a Stageplay to a Screenplay - displaying in an instant the multi-media potential of your work.


TypeSet/PDF provides precise automatic formatting of your script to industry and international standards. The Celtx server uses the very powerful LaTex typesetting tool to deliver perfectly formatted scripts, which can be saved within the feature in PDF format. Full support is provided for optional formatting features like Mores and Continueds, scene numbering, dialog numbering and paper size.

Index Cards

Celtx includes reversible, colour coded Index Cards that are intelligently tied to your script and auto populate with the Scene Headers and first 40 words or so of the scene. You can flip the cards to type notes on the back, colour code them to track plot lines, and drag and drop them to reorder scenes.

Story Development Forms

Celtx helps you develop your story with preloaded forms for key elements like locations, scenes, props, characters, and 32 other production categories. You can use the forms to organize your thoughts and kick-start a media rich storyline that includes sound files, images and video clips. Celtx story development forms are intelligently tied into your script, informing the story and each scene with valuable production information.

Template Engine

If the default setting for a Celtx project doesn't fit your needs, you can create your own new, blank state Template that will only open the documents you want.

Pre-Visualization Tools


Take your media project to the next level by adding a storyboard based on your script and adding individual or batch images in to the storyboard. Each storyboard image is accompanied with a shot description to help you communicate your creative vision. Rearrange images and sequences within the project to construct your visual narrative. Then when you're ready, use the slideshow feature to play the images to help pre-visualize your media project.

Sketch Tool

The Sketch tool can be used to add overhead camera and lighting setups to your projects. The Sketch tool includes pre-loaded icons for camera, lights and people that can be tagged with text, and tools for drawing lines, arrows, shapes and adding text. Plus, professional art packs of additional images (eg. girl, boy, crowd, car, furniture/fixtures, etc.) can be purchased from the Celtx web site.

Media Rich Breakdowns

You can add sound files, video clips, digital photos and scanned documents to your project to create a media intensive breakdown. You can then associate the media with any one of the 36 production categories, including wardrobe, props, and locations.

Productivity Tools


Catalogs provide a way for you to organize and view the many production items and research details required in the pre-production stage of any media project. Each Celtx project includes a Master Catalog which auto-populates as you breakdown your script, ultimately providing a searchable dashboard view of all your story's elements and production items. Additional Sub-Catalogs can be created for specific production categories - like props, characters, and wardrobe.

External Documents

You can add any document from any application to your project - PDFs, budget spreadsheets, images, and scripts written in other applications - to help stay organized.

Scheduling, Call Sheets and Shooting Reports

Celtx includes a 'Just In Time' Scheduling feature that lets you manage your projects in real time. Open a schedule based on your script and drag and drop scenes to the calendar to build your shooting schedule. Generate customizable Shooting Reports to keep track of the resources you'll need during shooting, including lists of props, actors, and wardrobe items. Create Call Sheets to ensure your crew knows where and when to show up for the shoot.

Inter-Project Document Management

You can also drag and drop documents between projects. Grab a document from one Project Library and drop it in to another Project Library and you're done.


You can customize Celtx with add-on tools. Customization helps you increase productivity and be more creative.

Online Tools

Celtx Studios

Celtx Studios offer a feature-rich toolset to simplify and improve the collaboration and workflow process.

  • Share projects quickly and easily.
  • Store every project, every version, and every file.
  • Manage team workflow.
  • Sync scripts with your iPad/iPhone.
  • Access projects from any computer.
  • Privately preview projects on the web.
  • Chat online with other Studio members.
  • Personalize your studio with logos and backgrounds.

Celtx Studios are priced to be affordable for everyone - including individuals, production teams, schools, and non-profits.

Celtx Forums

You can publish your work-in-progress or completed scripts for public viewing and peer reviews at the Script Reviews & Collaborations section of the Celtx Forums.

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