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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trees Patiently Grown into Art and Furniture by Gavin Munro of Full Grown

I've had in interest in Growing and Shaping Trees and Shrubs, (Biotecture, Topiary, Tree Sculpting, Bonsai) for quite a few years now. Ever since, I saw a story. On a man, who grew an entire garden, of Shaped Shrubs and Trees. This was back in the early days of American Settlers, in the NW. He spent his whole life, working and growing this Enchanted Garden. But, after he died. There was now one to carry on his work. I believe, he lost his wife, to an illness. When he was younger. And that's what he chose to do, with his life, after that event. That's how I remember the story, anyway. I can't find it online today. I don't remember how many hears ago, I saw it. I just remember the story and seeing either Pictures of a Video on it. It may have been a PBS Show, I saw... Anyway... I cam across, a guy in England. Who is specifically growing Chairs, Tables, Lamps etc, on his Production Farm. I would love to try this my self. I love working with wood. I was a Cabinet Maker, back in the 80's. But, I always disliked wasting Wood - Trees too. But, the time it takes, to Grow Things into Furniture. Kept me from trying it, so far. That and I'm not really a good Gardner, either. I'm more the Maker, Builder, Fixer Type. But, Gavin Munro of Full Grown. Is doing this now and his methods and plan, looks good to me. Check out the info and videos, below...


Full Grown

Trees Patiently Grown into Art and Furniture

Using ancient techniques combined with modern technology we grow, graft, nurture then harvest living trees into Chairs, Tables, Sculpture – anything you can imagine.

Each piece is unique, epitomising elegant cooperation between nature and craftsmen that could last for hundreds of years.

A Statement, an Heirloom and a Legacy.

How does it work?

Simple really –

1- Plant trees and water well

2 – Train the tree shoots and graft them into shape

3 – When mature, harvest, season and smooth.

See the first results

What is growing?

Here in the Furniture Field there are Limited Editions of Chairs, Tables, Lamps and Mirrors growing into shape and maturing. This year will be the start of growing sculptures, as well as a few select commissions.

Pre-order an Early Edition or get in touch and Commission a Piece


Who are Full Grown?

Full Grown is headed by Designer and Artist Gavin Munro. Inspired by the beauty of nature, geometry and the desire to work with wood, he has spent the last 10 years studying and developing the techniques and craft of Tree Shaping and Botanical Craftsmanship.

Read more about the story


Time, Nature and Patience

We are developing an elegant, simple art form that emits oxygen by day, absorbs CO2 by night and whose byproducts sustain the birds, the bees and other wildlife.

Each piece is an expression of patience and collaboration with nature.

Our proposition starts with pleasing, unique and eminently touchable products with a similar appeal to those vintage wines and whiskies that are crafted by hand over years of growth and ends with the potential for change in the way we think about the objects with which we surround ourselves.

Prune & graft as the tree grows…

…then harvest and season until dry.

Our first Prototype – 5 years' growth.

The Hexagon - The First Pendant Lamp

Summer 2014 – The Lamp has grown around its frame for two years and is now maturing.

Creative symbiosis is the ultimate goal.

Each tree is well nurtured and tended.

All we ask of the tree is that it grows along certain pathways.

Even when we cut the tree down, new branches grow back more vigorously.

This means a constant rotation of harvests similar to a vineyard.


Late Autumn 2014 – The first Prototype Pendant Lamps are harvested!

Spring 2015 – The first complete Lamp – 3 years old.

A complete reconsideration of the way we make our objects.

Furniture has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years. Whilst the production process has undergone several significant changes over the millennia, these have largely been processes of refinement, mechanisation and modernisation.

Whilst effective in some ways, this process is highly wasteful, considerably damaging to our environment, and, when the complete process is taken into account, very slow.

We decided than in a time of change, when our future objects will be printed, by growing the trees directly into shape we can make objects that are more personal, elegant and durable.

What's coming next?

It's a very exciting growing season coming up this year – the first pieces will be ready to harvest, sign up for our newsletter and follow the story as the season progresses. We'll be introducing new pieces and designs as well as showing more details of life in the first woodland workshop and of Gavin's talk at Kew Gardens this Autumn…

In the meantime here's last year's TEDx talk…

The first tables are starting to take shape and with luck if the weather is good this Autumn we'll have a look at the early harvest first edition chairs started in 2012.

We'll also get the first chance to see how the other species we started in 2013 look when they reach their full shape. We have Ash, Sycamore, Hazel, Crab apple, Sessile Oak and Red Oak. If you're interested in these get in touch or sign up for our newsletter.

Also coming up is the prototype table. It's 8 years old and was harvested this January. It's currently seasoning right now but as soon as its dry we'll be planing and finishing a very exciting piece.










The early 8 year old Table harvested January 2015 – see it being worked on over the Summer.

Still growing is the first Ash Chair planted in 2007 – This will be ready for harvest after the leaves drop at the end of the year.

Meet some of the great people who've made this possible over the last ten years of hard work…

So, how does it work one more time?


Trees Patiently Grown into Art and Furniture by Gavin Munro of Full Grown

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Test Flight of a Multicopter made by Thorstin Crijns - Autonomous human transport project - YouTube

This is a short Test Flight of a "Multicopter", made by Thorstin Crijns. Pretty cool:) But, there have been others. Check out the Related Videos too...


Autonomous human transport project

Video link...

Published on Jun 11, 2015

For more information please visit

Autonomous human transport

For quite some time I had the idea to build a quad copter that was able to lift and transport people. I gained some experience during my work at a company that produced Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). However I am a firmware engineer and to realize my vision I had dive into unfamiliar disciplines like mechanical stress calculations and circuit design.

Throughout the process there were a lot of uncertainties and I learned that knowing is only part of what is needed to realize my goal. I stared working on small prototypes in order to get a feeling for the involved technologies.

After building several small prototypes, I focused on questions like; how much electrical power do I need? What type of propellers are appropriate? What materials should I use for the frame? Where can I find a place to test? And many, many more…

Engine thrust and power


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