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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tourniquet - Ted Kirkpatrick - Progressive Thrash Metal

Here's some videos of my favorite Metal Drummer Ted Kirkpatrick and one of my All Time Favorite Christian Metal Bands!:) I use to do sound for Local Christian Rock Shows in the DFW TX area, back in the 90's. I miked Ted's Drums one time, when I was first starting out. He had 10 Toms and he used every one!:)


Tourniquet - Ted's drum solo (06/11)

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Tourniquet - The Test for Leprosy (01/11)

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Tourniquet: DVD Till Sverige Med Kärlek (To Sweden with Love); Live from Linkoping, Sweden - March 12, 2005

01.Intro/The test for leprosy
03.Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
04.Where moth and rust destroy
05.Restoring the locust years
06.Ted's drum solo
07.Broken chromosomes
08.The tomb of Gilgamesh
09.Vanishing lessons
10.Ted speaks/Ark of suffering
11.The skeezix dilemma part II/End credits.

Tourniquet : Till Sverige Med Kärlek (To Sweden with Love)

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Tourniquet - Ted's drum solo (06/11) - YouTube

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