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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google May Start Serving All Results On One Page: Good for SEO? | WebProNews

Google May Start Serving All Results On One Page: Good for SEO?

Google tests infinite scroll for web search

Last month we looked at video that Alex Chitu at Google Operating System shared, showing that Google was testing a new design concept for its search results page. In that concept, we saw Google keeping the top search box and navigation bar, as well as the left panel in place while the user scrolls through results.

Should Google make changes to its user interface? Tell us what you think.

In the video, you can see that the results pages still end with the pagination that matches the default Google user experience of today. You still have to click to go to the next page if you wish to see more results. However, we speculated at the time that this could open up the door to infinite scrolling in web search results, as Google Image Search, which already has this feature, has a similar design concept.

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It works well in Google Images. But if it narrows my text to 3 columns, like it seems in the Videos... Then I may have a real problem reading the text on my old 16inch CRT Monitor!:O No, I can't afford a new one. My 17 inch CRT that I bought new a few years ago, just died and this one was given to me...


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