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Friday, December 31, 2010

Adding a serial port through an RJ45 connector - Hack a Day

Adding a serial port through an RJ45 connector

posted Dec 30th 2010 10:00am by Mike Szczys
filed under: peripherals hacks

[Mike Lu] likes to add serial ports to his routers to use for debugging but he didn’t want to drill holes in his new RT-N12. After a bit of head-scratching he thought about repurposing the four unused wires on one of the RJ45 Ethernet connectors. This would allow him to interface with the necessary signals and still have the option of using that port for a network connection. The first step was to build the circuit to output the correct serial levels and connect it to the unused pins on the jack. Next, to separate serial and Ethernet on the outside of the router he build a short adapter cable.

This is an elegant solution if you’re looking for zero case modifications. But if you don’t mind a few inconspicuous holes we love the serial port used on this Dockstar.

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Adding a serial port through an RJ45 connector
Adding a serial port through an RJ45 connector - Hack a Day
DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Asus RT-N12 serial mod

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recall of Defective Glucose Test Strips

Diabetes Health Center

Recall of Defective Glucose Test Strips

FDA Says Faulty Strips Could Give Diabetes Patients Inaccurate Reading of Glucose Levels
By Bill Hendrick
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

Dec. 22, 2010 -- The FDA says it is working with Abbott Diabetes Care to recall 359 million defective glucose test strips -- sold under a variety of brand names -- that  may make blood glucose levels look lower than they really are.

The FDA says the defective strips “can lead users to try to raise their blood glucose when it is unnecessary or to fail to treat elevated blood glucose due to a falsely low reading,” and that “both scenarios pose health risks.”

About 24 million Americans have diabetes.

Abbott says the defective strips aren’t absorbing enough blood to provide an accurate reading. The company also says test strips stored for a long time in medicine cabinets or test strips that have been exposed to warm temperatures could give false results.

“FDA and Abbott are reviewing the cause of the manufacturing defect to avoid this problem in the future,” Alberto Gutierrez, PhD, of FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, says in a news release.

Gutierrez says diabetes patients “should be aware of the recalled glucose test strips and take steps to prevent them from affecting their health.”

Which Strips Are Being Recalled

The strips being recalled are used with Abbott’s MediSense Optium, Precision Xceed Pro, Precision Xtra, Optium, Optium EZ, and ReliOn Ultima blood glucose monitoring systems.

The lots were manufactured between January and May of this year and sold in retail stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The strips are used both by consumers and health care professionals.

Abbott says the strips should not be used and will be replaced at no cost to consumers.

It says the monitoring systems themselves are not being recalled, just the defective strips.

Patients should contact their health care providers to determine testing options if they don’t have any unaffected test strips to use.

The FDA says it is working with Abbott to avoid any potential shortages of useable products. The company says it will take about eight weeks to produce and distribute enough strips to replace all the defective ones that have been distributed.

The FDA also says people with diabetes who want to find out if they have products that need to be returned should call Abbott Diabetes Care at 800-448-5234 for English speakers and at 800-709-7010 for Spanish speakers. The FDA says people wishing to look up test strip lot numbers should visit the web site

In addition, consumers should report serious adverse side effects to the FDA by phone at 800-332-1088, fax at 800-FDA-0178, online at www.fda.govMedWatch/report.htm, or via regular mail at, where pre-addressed forms may be obtained.

Advice to Glucose Test Strip Users

Here’s what the FDA says people who purchased the test strips should do:

diabetes newsletter

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Monday, December 27, 2010

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick - Hack a Day

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick

posted Dec 27th 2010 3:00pm by Greg R. Jacobs
filed under: classic hacks

If many of the readers out there longed for a Segway for Christmas but Santa didn’t bring you one, you are in luck.  The aptly named Seg-Stick by [scolton] is a great way for cheap transportation.  It uses a broomstick, along with two DeWalt cordless drills to power this bad boy on 6” wheels. Like articles done before on Hack a Day this is an awesome although rudimentary example of the things that can be made with a short amount of time, some determination, and a few power tools. Great job [scolton].

MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick
MIT Inspired Impromptu SegStick - Hack a Day
Sticking it all together.
YouTube - Seg...stick.

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Pretty cool, how simple this one is... looks hard to ballance, in the video though.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

YouTube - Defcon 2010 - Who cares about IPv6 - Sam Bowne -

Defcon 2010 - Who cares about IPv6 - Sam Bowne -

Video Link...

Interesting Talk on the Coming IP Version 6 and what to do about it...


A hacker’s marginal security helps return stolen computer - Hack a Day

A hacker's marginal security helps return stolen computer

posted Dec 25th 2010 10:00am by Mike Szczys
filed under: cons, security hacks

Gather round and hear the story of how a hacker outsmarts a criminal. [Zoz] was robbed and they got his desktop computer. Gone, right? Nope. Because of a peculiar combination of his computer's configuration, and the stupidity of the criminal, he got it back. He shares the tale during his Defcon 18 talk (PDF), the video is embedded after the break.

[Zoz's] first bit of luck came because he had set up the machine to use a dynamic DNS service, updated via a script. Since the criminal didn't wipe the hard drive he was able to find the machine online. From there he discovered that he could SSH into it, and even use VNC to eavesdrop on the new owner. This, along with a keylogger he installed, got him all the information he needed; the guy's name, birth date, login and password information for websites, and most importantly his street address. He passed along this juicy data to police and they managed to recover the system.

[Thanks Ferdinand via Gizmodo]

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This guy finds his Stolen Computer, Online. Long after it's been Stolen and gets it Back!:) He loves to use the F-word allot. But the story is very interesting and educational too.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year too!:)

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year too!:)

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YouTube - cross country motorcycle race

This is my favorite kind of Bike Riding. I grew up riding in the dirt in TX... Been a while now:(


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  • cross country motorcycle race

About 434 results

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Series 1 Cross Country Motorcycle Racing at the BMC in Billings, MT Youtube Special VIDEO SPONSOR The Billings Motorcycle Club started the year off with a Scrambles race on the 17th of April and a Cross Country ...

by readydvd 8 months ago 714 views

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TCCRA Motorcycle Racing At Malakoff, Texas

Texas Cross Country Racing Association Race Number 3603 at malakoff, TX March 23, 2008

by geoarrow 2 years ago 6,374 views

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Bonita cross country motorcycle race slideshow

TORO sanctioned race on 1/11/2009 at Bonita TX

by ossa250gp 1 year ago 581 views

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TORO Cross Country Race @ Bells 11-18-2007

Cross Country Motorcycle Racing at Bells, Texas. Texas Off Road Organization first race of the 2007-2008 season.

by geoarrow 3 years ago 3,265 views

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TORN Motorcycle race @ Maypearl, TX May 10-11, 2008

Texas Off-Road Nationals Cross Country Racing club in North Texas. Race at Maypearl, Texas on May 10th and 11th, 2008.

by geoarrow 2 years ago 2,453 views

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Elk Basin Cross Country Endurance Racing Slideshow from the Billings Motorcycle Club BMC 2008

See what you've been missing by watching this slideshow. Video brought to you by the Billings Motorcycle Club of Montana. Video brought to you by ...

by readydvd 1 year ago 667 views

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Bel Ray Cross Country Race

Images from the 15th Annual Bel Ray Cross Country Series. Round 1 at Naike NZ.

by dangerdavenz 2 years ago 1,441 views

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TORN Cross country Bowie TX

This video contains footage shot at Bowie MX Park Sept 28 near Bowie TX and features Pro rider Josh Demuth

by ossa250gp 2 years ago 1,711 views

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Skiatook Cross Country

Video clips of Cross Country Motorcycle racing, Skiatook, Oklahoma.

by j4ck4ll3n 3 years ago 1,770 views

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Korea Cross-Country on a Daelim 125cc!

And my friends said it couldn't be done! The Daelim Daystar shared the roads with giants and never complained. 4 days and 3 nights, 780 miles ...

by chrismaupin 2 years ago 1,649 views

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TORO Pre-Race Recon #1001 Ft Worth TX

Pre-race recon for TORO cross-country motorcycle race in Ft Worth TX

by txtracks 1 month ago 1,459 views

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Motorcycle Cannonball Run on the Outer Banks

It's not 1981, and there were no Burt Reynold's mustache sightings this morning. The 2010 version of the Cannonball Run is a cross-country ...

by seasidevacations 3 months ago 1,976 views

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TORN Cross country slidshow

Slide show of Texas cross country motorcycle racing at Morgan and North Forty 2008 featuring a friend of mine.

by ossa250gp 2 years ago 432 views

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2010 Victory Motorcycle $18000 Faceoff - Cross Country vs. Vision 8-Ball

Victory Motorcycles has introduced a number of new models for 2010. Here's your chance to tell us which of the two $18000 motorcycles you prefer ...

by TheVOGdotNet 1 year ago 14,239 views

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TORN Racing at Freestone County Raceway

Texas Off-Road National cross country motorcycle race at Freestone County Raceway in Wortham, TX. This race was just two weeks after the Pro's ...

by geoarrow 2 years ago 3,283 views

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1915 Harley-Davidson preparing for 2010 Motorcycle Cannonball

1915 Harley-Davidson motorcycle up and running after over 20 years of sitting quietly. One hour of service and the bike runs great. This bike came ...

by team74shop 1 year ago 3,215 views

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KTM Enduro Motorcycle Racing Bikes - As The Rush Comes!

Enduro motorcycle racing is great to film and was honoured to be out in the woods to film round two of the SW England ...

by perranporthtv 1 year ago 6,890 views

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TORN Racing at Village Creek, TX 2008

TORN - Texas Off-Road Nationals cross country motorcycle race at Village Creek MX track.

by geoarrow 2 years ago 3,593 views

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