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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Get Facebook Messenger on Your Phone - wikiHow

Now, I couldn't care less about FB... I can't stand the Site! But I have a friend who doesn't even know how to use a Computer. But loves to get on FB and talk to people, with his Phone. I helped him get a Gmail address and sign up for FB, since he kept asking me to help him. I've already decided... that was a big mistake! Because now, he wont stop asking me to get on FB and look at something or help him figure out how to do something, on his phone without a Computer!:O I have never seen his phone and actually haven't even owned a Mobile Phone in 10 years now... So, it takes hours, every time I try to help him to get any thing done. What does your screen say now? No! don't go to the next screen until I tell you wat to click on!:O He doesn't listen well, either... Needless to say, I'm about done trying to help him at all. I've already told him that I have taught him everything I know about FB! But, I would like to be able to e-mail (Gmail) with him and send him Pics and Videos, that he can see on his phone. So, I keep on trying... Ok, back to FB. I know he may like this new FB Chat App. So, I'm sending him this, in hopes that he can install and us it all by him self. Well, we can all dream! Right???:O 


How to Get Facebook Messenger on Your Phone

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Facebook has recently released an app to make messaging from your Smart Phone much more convenient. Read on to learn how to download the app.


  1. Use a web browser on your computer to go to the mobile messenger page on Facebook. Click the green "Get the App" button.
  2. Enter your phone number where prompted. Then click "Text Me the Link" after selecting your country code. Although Facebook does not charge for this, standard texts rates will apply. If you would like to avoid getting a text message, simply go to the iPhone App store or the Android Market and search for the Facebook Messenger App.
  3. Click the link that is texted to you. It will take you to the download page in the App Store/Android Market.
  4. Click the "Install" button. If you are connected to wifi or 3G, download will begin immediately.
  5. Log in to messenger. Use your regular Facebook email and password to log in to the app.
  6. Use the app. You can start a new conversation by clicking the compose button in the upper right corner. To add people, simply type their names in the "To" field and select from the drop down list.

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