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Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Free Browser-Based & Online Proofreading Tools and AtD for Open Office too...

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Some Free Browser-Based & Online Proofreading Tools

Updated 19. August 2011 - 11:02 by Ritho

A while back I ran across a free Spelling and Grammar proofreading tool called “After the Deadline.” It looked interesting so I decided to test it for a while to see how it would perform. It actually worked well for certain mistakes that would not normally be caught by the spell checker built-in to most modern browsers. It easily caught such things as doubled words, article mismatch, the mix-up of words like “to and too” or “its and it’s,” as well as a few more subtle errors. I was pleased with its overall performance, but I wondered how it compared to any other free browser based or online proof-reading programs that may be available.

So I went searching and found a few other free tools, then set about devising a way to put them to the test. I decided that the best way to assess how well they worked would be to write a short text with an assortment of errors ranging from the obvious to those which are commonly overlooked. The following text is certainly not a work of genius, but I believe it was sufficient to reveal how well these tools actually work. Why don’t you give the two paragraphs below a look or two and see how many errors you can spot. Feel free to post your findings in the comments below. It will be fun.


Interesting info... I've tried After the Deadline before. I can't remember much about now. Except that I don't use it now. So, it must have not impressed me much... I would much prefer an Add on for Open Office. Oh! That's what I tried it in!:O Open Office and it caused some Crashes and I uninstalled it. Now, I remember... That was at least a year ago now though. So, It may be worth a looks again. If it still has an Open Office or Libre Office Plugin. Wait, lets see... Yep, here it is on their site...

I think I'll try it again and see if it works better now. Maybe they've got the bugs out... Well, So far So good. I used it on this text and it found one word that Thunderbird's Crammer Checker Didn't find. A word which was spelled correctly, but not the right word for the sentence, nor the word I intended to use. Dang that Spell Check!:) And Thunderbird's Spell Check and Gammer Checker it actually better than the Standard one in Open Office, for me. As for the others I think that these tools would be great if they would work in E-mail Clients too. I Post to my Blog via e-mail and almost never Copy and Paste into the Blog User Interface. That is such a Pain!:O


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