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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Resin Cast Project Enclosure

Resin Cast Project Enclosure

Project boxes available off the shelf always seem to be just too small or way too big!  This is especially true here in New Zealand where the options between JayCar and SurplusTronics are fairly limited.  I needed a specific size to house a project I’m working on so I decided to cast my own in polyester resin.  I hope the details which follow will prove helpful.

Draw up a design – I used Google Sketch up.  Make a box of which the inner dimensions represent the outer dimensions of your final enclosure.  I used blocks of pre-dressed pine.  You’ll want to use something reasonably solid and screw it down to a base board so you get nice square vertical sides.  For a base I used melamine board – it’s nice and smooth and the resin won’t bond to it.  Your local kitchen builder will give you off cuts for free if they’re nice.

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Allot of work. But a great finished product!:)

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