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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More | TorrentFreak

Seen any of these Lately???

I don't use BitTorrent Sites often. But, since I'm into Free and Open Source Software and Linux Operating Systems. Some of these do use BitTorrent Peer to Peer File sharing to cut down the load on their Download Servers. And as far as I know it is still Legal in the US to loan a Song, a Movie or a TV Show you've recorded to a friend so that they can watch or listen to it... As long as they don't make copies and sell it. So, why is Downloading them from an online friend any different??? I'm a "Singer Song Writer" and I have all of my Songs up on my Server, for Free Download. Well, actually it's down, in the floor under my feet right now as I write this... I'm resting my feet on my Server. My Web Site, is Self Hosted and routed through since my IP address is Dynamic and ever changing. I'm a big believer in the Power of Giving and see what the future could be for the World and our Children, if We The People were in Control of the Advances in Technology. Instead of all of these Greedy Corporations who seek to Hoard and Control all the Knowledge and Money in the World! Now, I'm not saying that Everything Should be Free and the No One should be Paid for all of their hard work. I have done my fair share of Volunteering in my life and have had my music up for free downloading for about 10 years now, without Receiving One Single Donation or one Order for a CD. No, it Doesn't Completely Suck!;) Don't take my word for it... download and listen for your self. Not everyone at once though!:O I don't have allot of Bandwidth with my ISP!:O I got to thinking while reading these articles... I have MP3's for Download on my Site (They are all my Music and I Own the Copyrights). But, what if my Site is down and I don't even know it!:O It's still works, I just Checked!;) The thing is, this whole issue is all about Control and there needs to be Ballance, No one or No Single Entity Should Be allowed to Control Anything. Of Course Stealing is Wrong. If it Don't Belong to you... and the Owner Didn't Give it to you... Don't take it! But, as one wise man once said something like this... With Absolute Power, Comes Absolute Corruption...

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely


Literal meaning.


This arose as a quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Ok, before I get my Blog Taken Down!:O I'll stop here...


U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More

Written by enigmax on November 26, 2010 
Following on the heels of this week’s domain seizure of a large hiphop file-sharing links forum, it’s clear today that the U.S. Government has been very busy. Without any need for COICA, ICE has just seized the domain of a BitTorrent meta-search engine along with those belonging to other music linking sites and several others which appear to be connected to physical counterfeit goods.
While complex, it’s still possible for U.S. authorities and copyright groups to point at a fully-fledged BitTorrent site with a tracker and say “that’s an infringing site.” When one looks at a site which hosts torrents but operates no tracker, the finger pointing becomes quite a bit more difficult.
When a site has no tracker, carries no torrents, lists no copyright works unless someone searches for them and responds just like Google, accusing it of infringement becomes somewhat of a minefield – unless you’re ICE Homeland Security Investigations that is.
This morning, visitors to the site are greeted with an ominous graphic which indicates that ICE have seized the site’s domain.
“My domain has been seized without any previous complaint or notice from any court!” the exasperated owner of Torrent-Finder told TorrentFreak this morning.
“I firstly had DNS downtime. While I was contacting GoDaddy I noticed the DNS had changed. Godaddy had no idea what was going on and until now they do not understand the situation and they say it was totally from ICANN,” he explained.
Aside from the fact that domains are being seized seemingly at will, there is a very serious problem with the action against Torrent-Finder. Not only does the site not host or even link to any torrents whatsoever, it actually only returns searches through embedded iframes which display other sites that are not under the control of the Torrent-Finder owner.
Torrent-Finder remains operational through another URL,, so feel free to check it out for yourself. The layouts of the sites it searches are clearly visible in the results shown.
Yesterday we reported that the domain of hiphop site RapGodFathers had been seized and today we can reveal that they are not on their own. Two other music sites in the same field – and – have fallen to the same fate. But ICE activities don’t end there.
Several other domains also appear to have been seized including,,,,,, and
All seized sites point to the same message.
Domain seizures coming under the much debated ‘censorship bill’ COICA? Who needs it?
Update: Below is an longer list of domains that were apparently seized. Most of the sites relate to counterfeit goods. We assume that the authorities had a proper warrant for these sites (as they had for RapGodFathers yesterday), but were unable to confirm this.
Update: A spokeswoman for ICE confirmed the seizures in the following statement. “ICE office of Homeland Security Investigations executed court-ordered seizure warrants against a number of domain names. As this is an ongoing investigation, there are no additional details available at this time.”
Update: The authorities have revealed further details on “Cyber Monday Crackdown.”
Full list of 82 seized domains

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U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More
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U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More | TorrentFreak
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Police to get major new powers to seize domains |

Police to get           major new powers to seize domains

Police to get major new powers to seize domains

Nominet discusses censorship powers

25 November, 2010

Police could soon have the power to seize any domain associated with criminal activity, under new proposals published today by UK domain registrar Nominet.

At present, Nominet has no clear legal obligation to ensure that .uk domains are not used for criminal activities. That situation may soon change, if proposals from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are accepted.

SOCA wants Nominet to change its registration terms and conditions, giving the registrar the power to suspend domains if it has "reasonable grounds to believe they are being used to commit a crime".

And Nominet gives us an example of what those "reasonable grounds" might consist of - "a request from an identified UK Law Enforcement Agency".

Such a move would mark a massive extension of the authorities' powers to clamp down on illegal web sites - and possibly just those that the powers that be deem to be a thorn in their side.

Two weeks ago, Fitwatch, a site dedicated to campaigning against what it sees as heavy-handed practices by police surveillance units, was taken down by its UK-based web hosting company, JustHost, after a formal request by the Metropolitan Police.

The site was accused of publishing guidance to students involved in the recent violent Millbank protests to escape detection by the police.

But in a matter of days Fitwatch was back up and laughing in the face of the law, with a heap of extra publicity under its belt. The site is now hosted in the United States, where its hosting company is beyond the jurisdiction of UK police.

With no specific powers to seize the site's domain name - the memorable address ending in that is used by servers on the internet to point browsers in the direction of a specific server's numeric IP address, Fitwatch could simply set up on the other side of the Atlantic and point the same domain name towards their new servers instead.

SOCA's new proposals, if accepted, would put an end to that, giving Nominet the power to grab back a name at the police's request - and effectively increasing the powers of censorship wielded by the UK's law enforcement agencies.

With its domain name suspended, the only way for visitors to find a rogue site would be to type in its lengthy (and decidedly less memorable) numeric IP address.

Unsurprisingly, the issue is a hot potato - but it won't be the first time Nominet has involved itself in controversial name-grabbing. In December 2009, Nominet suspended over 1,200 domain names at the request of the Police Central eCrime Unit.


U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More
US Govt seizes BitTorrent open source news - Google Search
U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More | TorrentFreak
Unifiedroot - How it Works / Overview - How it Works
Torrent Search :: Torrent Finder :: Torrent Search Engine
Netsukuku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Osiris (Serverless Portal System) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Police to get major new powers to seize domains |
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U.S. Government Seizes and Shutters - Yahoo! News
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Keyfinder | Magical Jelly Bean


The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a freeware utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry. It also has a community-updated configuration file that retrieves product keys for many other applications. Another feature is the ability to retrieve product keys from unbootable Windows installations.

If you need something more powerful, please compare Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder with wonderful tool called “Recover Keys“. This advanced product key finder is not free, however it doesn’t cost much for what it does.

Features Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Recover Keys
Number of supported programs 300+ 2000+
Scan another or non-bootable Windows Yes Yes
Works with 64-bit systems Yes Yes
Recover serials for Adobe CS2-CS5 products No Yes
Recover serials for Windows 7 and Office 2010 No Yes
Scan remote computers No Yes
Scan Vista virtual store No Yes
USB install support No Yes
Auto-updater and technical support No Yes
Save to… TXT, CSV TXT, CSV, HTML, Word, Excel, XML, PDF and more
Price Free $24.95
Download Download Download

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder features:

  1. An optional config file – this functionality lets you pull a key stored in the registry for any software. A sample config file is included in the zip and can be seen here: keyfinder.cfg
  2. Command line options – /save <location> /savecsv <location> /close /hive <location> /file <filename>
  3. Load Hive option – allows you to load the registry hive of another Windows installation. To use, put the hard drive in a working machine (must also be Windows 2000, XP or Vista) or use Windows PE (not tested, should work) and click Load Hive. Then point it to the dead Windows install. If you’re using Windows Vista, Administrator rights are required for this feature. You may have to right click on the Keyfinder and run as Administrator.
  4. Improved Save & Print! – save & print options will now include all keys. Save is also available in text or CSV.

If you’re still confused, please check out our FAQ section.

Product key Finder for Mac?

If you’re looking for such program for Mac – there is free program called Mac Product Key Finder

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

YouTube - Christian Dating Singles Comedy

This girl is Hilarious!:) So... girls, tell me... is this all true???


Christian Dating Singles Comedy

Go there See Full Screen Video...

ChristianDatingTips | August 11, 2009 | likes, 0 dislikes

Christian singles comedy act from Christian Dating Service Plus


People & Blogs



Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 More of the Best Free Linux Monitoring Tools - Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site

6 More of the Best Free Linux Monitoring Tools

Computer monitoring software enables systems and applications of all kinds to be watched autonomously, so that the state of a system is continuously known. If the hardware, software, or the operating system is not functioning properly, the system administrator needs to be alerted at the earliest opportunity to ensure fast problem resolution. Using monitoring software, technical staff can often take remedial action at the first sign of a problem, before business processes, end-users, or customers are even aware that there is an issue.

There are a number of different elements that need to be monitored in an organisation's mission-critical IT infrastructure. These include network protocols, applications, services including remote services, daemons, servers, and the network infrastructure itself. A monitoring tool needs to have a large feature set if it is to be a one stop solution.

It is common for monitoring solutions to be released in open source and proprietary versions, with the open source version typically offering basic IT monitoring capabilities, and the paid-for software adding additional functionality.

The feature 9 of the Best Free Linux System Monitoring Tools, written in July 2009, highlighted our personal picks in open source monitoring software at that time. However, there has been significant developments since that article was published. We have witnessed other applications which have stepped up to the mark, offering high quality solutions for monitoring services, services and network hardware. The purpose of this article is therefore to identify these applications omitted from the original article, all of which are also definitely worth evaluating.

To provide an insight into the quality of software available for Linux, we have compiled a list of 6 more of the best free monitoring tools. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for anyone who needs to monitor servers, devices, and ensure that a computing system maintains high performance. We give our highest recommendation to Zabbix.

Now, let's explore the 6 monitoring tools. For each title we have compiled its own portal page, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, screenshots, together with links to relevant resources and reviews.

Monitoring Tools
Zabbix Enterprise-Class Distributed Monitoring solution
Zenoss Core Application, server and network management platform
Hyperic Systems monitoring, server monitoring, and IT management software
Ganglia Scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing system
Cacti RRDTool-based network graphing solution
Monitorix Lightweight monitoring tool for servers and embedded devices

Return to our complete collection of Group Tests, identifying the finest Linux software.

Last Updated Tuesday, November 23 2010 @ 02:00 PM EST

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6 Desktop Search
9 Project Management
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14 File Managers
10 Databases
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21 Financial Tools
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  • Don

    My 76 Chevy Blazer...

    Here's some Pics of my Blazer... Don's 76 Chevy Blazer, Me Don and my 76 Blazer in the Snow 2009, Don's 76 Blazer's 350 Chevy Motor.

    My 76 Chevy Blazer,

    I was watching and Posting a bunch of 4x4 and Off Road Vehicle Videos on YouTube this evening. Being amazed at what some of them can do!:) And getting a big kick out of watching them go through all kinds of terrain and up some really big hills! So, I thought I would do a Post on my own 1976 Chevy Blazer. I've had her since 1991. I use to do allot of 4 Wheelin back then and I loved it!:) But, those darn parts are expensive when you break em! And the work is getting harder and harder too (fixing her back up after I break her) as every year goes buy. So, she's just my Grocery getter now a days. Besides, at about 10mpg, that's about as far as I can afford to drive her anyways. I don't think I'll ever be able to give her up though. I've been dreaming of how I could fix her up and convert her into a "Hybrid" Electric and just use my trusty 350 Chevy Motor for 4 Wheelin. But, then there's all the work and all the money too. Actually, I also have a 1983 Dodge Good Times Van that's pretty nice inside. But it needs some engine work and wiring too. And someone gave me 8 Interstate 1000 Amp Diesel Truck Batteries. So, if I build a Hybrid Electric. I'll do the Van first. It gets 17 mpg on gas now. So, I could just Pull the Blazer to go 4 Wheeling for a while. Sounds like a Plan... or a Dream to me;)


    Friday, November 26, 2010

    YouTube - 4x4 Heaven Hill Climb

    4x4 Heaven Hill Climb

    Go there See Full Screen Video...

    A Bunch great Hill Climbers!:) Well, some didn't quite make it...


    YouTube - Pemberton 4x4-james goochey/hill

    Pemberton 4x4-james goochey/hill

    Go there see Full Screen Video...

    I saw a 55 or 56 Chevy Blair Car 4x4 back in the early 80's a the Pate Swap Meet in TX. I was just getting interested in 4x4's then and bought a 57 Chevy Station Waggon Body, which I never did fix up... I was into Hot Rods big time at the time. Man, now I wish that I had got that Chevy Blair 4x4 Car!;)


    YouTube - 4x4 Heaven

    American 4X4 Contest, all Action!:)

    4x4 Heaven

    Go there See Full Screen Video...

    skidick1 | March 12, 2007 | likes, 59 dislikes

    Power Mud Water 4x4 Fun
    DVD Available email:


    Autos & Vehicles



    YouTube - Alvis Stalwart

    Alvis Stalwart... Unbelievable! That something that Big can even Float! Much Less, Jump off a River Bank like this!!!:)

    Go there See Full Screen Video...

    ftatac | September 14, 2008 | 692 likes, 13 dislikes

    Stalwart 6x6 amphi
    The Norwegian way to go into the water
    Remember 9 tonnes...

    driver Jo Holdhus, Eidsvoll-N Norway

    AmphiTech Meppen (NL)

    Middendorpsstraat 9
    NL-7855 PR Meppen
    Tel. +31 591 371 387
    Mob. +31 644 302 117
    Email me

    also have a look on

    This permanent 6-wheel driven vehicle is the best in off-road trials. Hence it can climb virtually anywhere out of the water on steep banks.

    As this vehicle is designed to be mine proof (6 mm steel armour plating) for military use it is virtually unsinkable in water.

    In water twin-jet propulsion app. 10.000 N.
    Independent suspension and disc-brake all-round.
    Hydraulic winch 50.000 N.
    Option is an Atlas 3 Ton crane mounted in the cargo-space behind the cab.

    This vehicle will be classified as an agricultural tractor, and historic vehicle (before 1972), therefore low /no tax, depending which country.

    We got several vehicles in stock, waiting to be prepared / customized for you...

    2002 IJsselmeer-windforce 6

    click on picture for film

    2002 IJsselmeer-windforce 6

    2003 Ullswater- UK

    2003 Ullswater- UK

    2001 Loire- F.
    click on picture for film
    Download Video...

    driver Jo Holdhus, Eidsvoll-N
    jumping with 45 Kmh 4 m down the bank
    click on picture for film

    Conversion-stretch-possibilities to your specs







    Extra modified





    info at;


    Middendorpsstraat 9
    NL-7855 PR Meppen
    Tel. +31 591 371 387
    Mob. +31 644 302 117
    Email me

    also have a look on

    Started building the Jetranger for a reason:

    • Existing amphibious vehicles too expensive.
    • If you can find one, 90% chance it is in poor condition.
    • Almost every existing model comes with a thirsty petrol engine.

    After years of thinking, sketching, calculating and looking at other models, started building the Jetranger based on a 1971 Range Rover.

    Started with a lowered stainless steel sub-chassis, welded to the standard RR chassis.
    Engine is a new LR300 TDI, moved 30 cm backwards, R380 gearbox with PTO.
    Propulsion is a Dowty jet with 5000 N thrust.

    Made special seal for axles and propshaft, std gearbox-seal is not the water-retainer.
    The new body-panels are made of 4 and 6 mm seawater-resistant aluminium, anodized and powdercoated.

    My motto: don’t make it more difficult as necessary, simplicity is best to create.

    Anything you want we can make.

    Theus Derkx

    Stainless steel reinforcement and jet-housing

    Light-green is Dowty-jet, with propshafts to gearbox and stainless steel exhaust

    Stainless steel subframe

    New aluminium body-panels

    Jet testing and looking for leaks

    2004 Beulaker Weide

    2006 Lago Maggiore-I

    2006 Lago Maggiore-I

    2007 Maas Ravenstein

    2008 Neckar – Heidelberg-D. Watch the splash-board.

    2009 Windemere-UK

    2009 Ullswater-UK

    2009 Ullswater-UK

    2009 Coniston-UK


    If money is no option, we can even put wings and a jet engine on

    Go there...


    Autos & Vehicles