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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

USB soldering iron test and teardown with schematic. - YouTube

Here's an interesting video. Where, bigclivedotcom tries out and tears down a USB 5v Powered Soldering Iron. Check out the Related links too...


USB soldering iron test and teardown with schematic.

Video link...

Bup, it backs things up - I installed bup, backup app, on my Fedora 23 System

I installed bup, backup app, on my Fedora 23 System. To see if I like it. Here's some info on the App... 

Note: I ran the bup command in a Terminal Window. And after reading the help tips. And trying out a few commands. I could see the Backup Servers Directories, in a Web Browser, at In Firefox, the URL is, But, then I didn't know how to get out of the “web” mode. So, I closed the Terminal Window. This is a Command Line Only App. The Commands are not too complicated. But, I don't want to mess with learning the “bup” commands. I never have been able to remember a large number of Commands. Just a few, that I use often. So, without a GUI Interface. I wont be using bub backup…


[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup
Usage: bup [-?|--help] [-d BUP_DIR] [--debug] [--profile] [options...]

Common commands:
fsck Check backup sets for damage and add redundancy information
ftp Browse backup sets using an ftp-like client
fuse Mount your backup sets as a filesystem
help Print detailed help for the given command
index Create or display the index of files to back up
on Backup a remote machine to the local one
restore Extract files from a backup set
save Save files into a backup set (note: run "bup index" first)
tag Tag commits for easier access
web Launch a web server to examine backup sets

Other available commands:
bloom damage import-rdiff-backup join margin midx on--server split xstat
cat-file drecurse import-rsnapshot list-idx memtest mux random tick
daemon import-duplicity init ls meta newliner server version

See 'bup help COMMAND' for more information on a specific command.
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup index
error: '/home/don/.bup/' is not a bup repository; run "bup init"
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/don/.bup/
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup index
usage: bup index <-p check="" clear="" m="" s="" u=""> [options...]

-p, --print print the index entries for the given names (also works with -u)
-m, --modified print only added/deleted/modified files (implies -p)
-s, --status print each filename with a status char (A/M/D) (implies -p)
-u, --update recursively update the index entries for the given file/dir names (default if no mode is specified)
--check carefully check index file integrity
--clear clear the default index

-H, --hash print the hash for each object next to its name
-l, --long print more information about each file
--no-check-device don't invalidate an entry if the containing device changes
--fake-valid mark all index entries as up-to-date even if they aren't
--fake-invalid mark all index entries as invalid
-f, --indexfile ... the name of the index file (normally BUP_DIR/bupindex)
--exclude ... a path to exclude from the backup (may be repeated)
--exclude-from ... skip --exclude paths in file (may be repeated)
--exclude-rx ... skip paths matching the unanchored regex (may be repeated)
--exclude-rx-from ... skip --exclude-rx patterns in file (may be repeated)
-v, --verbose increase log output (can be used more than once)
-x, --xdev, --one-file-system don't cross filesystem boundaries

error: update mode (-u) requested but no paths given
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup index /home/don/.bup/
Indexing: 25, done (2859 paths/s).
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ ftp
?Invalid command
ftp> ftp
?Invalid command
ftp> list
?Invalid command
ftp> dir
Not connected.
ftp> exit
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ web
bash: web: command not found
[don@Lenovo-i5 ~]$ bup web
Serving HTTP on
Handling request for /
WARNING:tornado.access:404 GET /favicon.ico ( 26.99ms
WARNING:tornado.access:404 GET /favicon.ico ( 0.68ms
Handling request for /
Handling request for /.commit/
Handling request for /.tag/
Handling request for /
Handling request for /
Handling request for /.commit/
Handling request for /.tag/
bup ftp
Handling request for /
Handling request for /
Handling request for /



Very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format, providing fast incremental saves and global deduplication (among and within files, including virtual machine images).

Theme by mattgraham


Related Projects

A simple wrapper around bup to make it easier to run nightly backup jobs. While it's designed to run under cron, it can also be called directly.
A KDE front end.
A GTK3 front end.
A CLI wrapper to bup that lets you set backup profiles in a configuration file. Each profile can also call pre- and post-backup scripts.
A script that uses Fabric and a configuration file to run backups for multiple machines in parallel. The script can be configured to "rotate" backups (e.g. archive current bup repository and create a new one) in order to keep only a maximum of either 15 days or two months.
A script that ingests files from disk and outputs an encrypted stream to a file or to stdout. You can then pass this on to bup split.
git-annex manages distributed copies of files using git (particularly large files, e.g. audio, video, images). Among other things, it supports partial checkouts and automatic checks to make sure that deleting a local copy of a file won't break rules you've established, like "there must always be at least 3 copies of any given photo, across all of my known checkouts". git-annex has configurable storage backends, and bup is one of the options.
git-annex assistant
The git-annex assistant turns git-annex into an easy to use folder synchroniser that works across Linux and OSX computers, Android devices, removable drives, NAS appliances, and cloud services.

Contact Us

Older Releases

If you're looking for a previous bup release, you can head over to the project's releases page.

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