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Sunday, August 28, 2011

High voltage hacks finale: Do not try this under any circumstances - Hack a Day

High voltage hacks finale: Do not try this under any circumstances

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen some pretty crazy and potentially dangerous stuff, like a stun glove and modern day alchemy. For our high voltage theme finale, we couldn’t pass up [Photonicinduction]‘s YouTube channel.

Best known for his self-destructing washing machine (the source of this animated .gif), [Photonicinduction] is also the brainchild behind the hair dryer flame thrower and his homemade fifty thousand amp transformer.

While we do like his Not Safe For Work ammeter (yes, it really is NSFW), some of [Photonicinduction]‘s videos – charging a car battery in 4 minutes, making a kettle boil without a heater element, pressurizing coconuts to over 200 psi, and exploding rabbits – are hilariously dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone.

We need to say you should not attempt to emulate [Photonicinduction]‘s hijinks under any circumstances. Cleaning up a puddle of burning gasoline with a vacuum cleaner may sound like fun, but copying [Photonicinduction] will eventually get you killed. This man must know his stuff, because we’re honestly shocked he hasn’t exploded yet. The best way to enjoy three hundred thousand volts is probably grabbing a coffee and watching [Photonicinduction]‘s YouTube channel.

Go there...

I went to Photonicinduction's Channel and watched about 6 of his videos. He really knows his Electricity! Crazy stuff... Crazy Stuff!:) I watched a couple of the Videos, from the Article Links too, till I just plain old got tired of watching Videos;) That self-destructing washing machine is Funny!:) But, I do hate to see a Good Appliance Die like that:)


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