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Friday, August 12, 2011

EEVblog #195 - Open Source Hardware Explained - YouTube

EEVblog #195 - Open Source Hardware Explained

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Yep, I agree... Like I have mentioned before. I sing, write and have recorded two Albums over the years. I have all of my music up for free downloads on my web site at, and at As well as several other Sites around the Web. I do ask for donations, but have never received any, since I put my first song up on my web site, 12 years ago. Sometimes, I think, maybe I shouldn't have done it that way, giving my music away for free. Some, people believe, that if you put a price on something. Then others will value it more. But, from history. I know this. Artistic Works, often are not recognized until long after they are created. So, whatever, my songs are worth. Will be recognized, at some point in time... And you never know, what someone has hidden in their heart, after hearing your music. Something, that they may have never heard. It they had to purchase music from an unknown and unprompted Singer, before they could even listen to it. And No, a 30 Second Clip, is not enough!;)

I have written my own Copyright, to suite my needs and desires. As well as using the Creative Commons (with no derivative works) Copyright on I want to share my music. But I don't want someone Rerecording it and making a fortune with it, without even thanking me... Here's my Copyright from


DonSongs and Living Beings Combined Copyright for Christian Music Underground CMU) on Copyright: All rights reserved DonSongs 2002 and Living Beings Climate Control 2005. Producers: Don Bishop, Marty Splawn, and Steve Bryan. Artist-1: Don Bishop - Vocals & Lyrics. Kristina Hensley - Lyrics on Healer of the Soul and Is it True Lord. All music by: Marty Splawn - Guitars, Drums, Bass and Keyboard Steve Bryan Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Key-Drums. Artist-2: Time Wasted: Don Bishop-Vocals & Lyrics, Aaron Judkins - Guitar, Pete - Bass, Brent - Drums, Written by Don Bishop 09-04-92. Lyrics & Vocals by Don Bishop from 1991-2005 & Music by Marty Splawn and Steve Bryan 1997-2005. We are giving away these song files to anyone who would like them, but you may not sell them or change them in any way. If these Songs have Blessed you and you would like to send a gift to Psalms 68 Ministries to help get us going, Please send it via to or Write for other options. Check out and to find out more about the ministry and our music. 50 percent of all gifts will go to Psalms 68 Ministries and the rest will be divided between Don, Marty, Steve, Kristina and others who helped with these songs. Please Freely Give these song files to anyone who would like them, as long as you give them free of charge. Anyone selling or changing these Songs, the Music Arrangement or the Lyrics without permission is violating the copyright, all rights reserved.


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Open your mind to Open Source Hardware.
Dave gives you the low-down on what Open Source Hardware (OSHW) is, how it works, and some benefits of using it for your own projects.

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