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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tennessee man, Keith Medley has made a 27-string guitar

I found an amazing Guitar Player - Builder today, named Keith Medley. He built him self a 27 Sting Guitar and he plays it Beautify!:) Check out the Videos of Keith Playing his 27 Sting!:)


Keith Medley "Ancestors" - 27 string guitar

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Keith Medley - Frist Performance "King David"

Keith Medley - Frist Performance "King David" from Jon Grimson on Vimeo.

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"Hall Of The Mountain King" Keith Medley and his 27-string Medley Guitar

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Keith Medley MUSIC

Keith Medley has been a guitar player as long as he can remember. He has also been a master guitar builder for much of his adult life. Keith has made custom instruments for many famous musicians but his most remarkable guitar is one he made for himself.

“I build guitars for no other reason than to make music,” Keith says. “The music I hear is more than what can be played on six strings, so after many detailed sketches and long nights of contemplation I came up with a unique 27-string instrument.”

27-string Medley

“Building this guitar turned out to be the easy part,” Keith explains. “The hard part has been learning to play it. Through two years of bittersweet struggle between myself and these 27 strings, I determined it would not defeat me but would play the music I heard in my heart. Here is a sample of what our partnership has produced so far.”

Keith playing his 27-string Medley

“Ancestors Music Video”

“My good friend, Keith Medley, in all his accomplishments as a guitar designer, builder and general guitar guru, has now accomplished the ultimate in Medley design and execution of his life and career. This instrument conceived of, built in his own shop and mastered by Keith himself, creating it’s own magical, musical sound is just pure 'thought' put into 'action'. See it in the mind, build it and play it; simple as that. The most important thing, however is in the music and sound of the 27 String Medley; composed and played by Keith as well. Congratulations on an AMAZING accomplishment with a most extraordinary instrument; now go out and do it!”

- Mitch Holder- LA Studio Jazz Guitar Great,

Author of The Jazz Styles of Howard Roberts

Keith Medley is without a doubt, one of the most gifted and fascinating people I have had the good fortune to know.

He has composed deeply creative music for the very unique 27 String Medley instrument that he has designed and built himself. He is a true renaissance man.

- Bill Piburn

Editor - Fingerstyle Guitar magazine
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Tennessee man Keith Medley has made a 27-string guitar
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Tennessee man Keith Medley makes a 27-string Guitar
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