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Friday, August 5, 2011

An ARM dev board you can make at home - Hack a Day

An ARM dev board you can make at home

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[BarsMonster] just challenged our conceptions of ARM development with his single-sided development board that’s loaded with an STM32F100 (PDF warning) ARM microcontroller. The board is remarkably simple – just a regulator, resistor and a few caps are necessary to get a $1 ARM μC up and running.

[BarsMonster] gave us a schematic of his board along with the Eagle .brd file of his build. Everything is an SMD component, so except for 9 through-holes, this board can be easily manufactured at home.

While we have seen a few single sided projects at Hack A Day, dev boards made with this technique have fallen by the wayside. This surprises us because single sided boards are easy to make with the various CNC mills we’ve seen.

There are a few great projects out there for the STM32 processor, like a web radio, but [BarsMonster] is having some trouble finding some good libraries for his MCU (specifically STM32 libraries for Eagle). If you know of anything he can do, drop a note in the comments or on his website.tagged: , , ,

Go there and see Video too...

An ARM dev board you can make at home
An ARM dev board you can make at home - Hack a Day
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