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Friday, October 15, 2010

Self-balancing unicycle 2.0 - Hack a Day

Self-balancing unicycle 2.0

posted Oct 15th 2010 8:00am by Mike Szczys
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Focus Designs has a new version of their self-balancing unicycle for sale. This improves upon their original design in several ways. The battery pack has moved to LiFePO4, which is becoming more common in electric transportation. There’s also regenerative breaking and fall protection which kills the motor when you fall off.

We’ve embedded their marketing video after the break. Our favorite part is the shot seen above: a guy on the unicycle cruising along next to a woman who is running. There’s nothing like sitting on your bum while some else exercises.

At any rate, from what we see in the video they’ve turned out a solid product.

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Go there...

Looks Pretty Cool. Ya, the first thing I noticed in their Pic (see at link above). Was... the Chubby Guy sitting on his But Riding, while the thin girl runs along!:O And that's before I even realized that this thing has a motor! I thought you had to pedal the thing... Ok, I admit it! That would totally be Me;) But, of course if I spent all of my money buying the thing... Then I should get to ride it! Besides, a girls got to keep her figure... Right?;)


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