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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SoL - Server optimized Linux 25.00 - The sun is rising!

Welcome to SoL - Server optimized Linux

SoL 25.00 WORKBENCH released! You can download it in the download secion of this page.

Thank you for the overwhelming response! Since the release of SoL 25.00 we got very good feedback from all over the world. Thank you all for using SoL!
Offical Press release: Neue Linux-Server-Lösung aus Österreich

  • SoL - Server optimized Linux 25.00 is the 11th release within the SoL series since 2001.
  • SoL is the successor of the award winning Sirius Server!
  • SoL is developed by, a 100% Austrian (Europe) company.
  • SoL is a core distribution and does not base on any other Linux distirbution.
  • SoL is a perfect platform for servers and a perfect platform for developing server applications.
  • SoL features cutting-edge Linux technology
  • And finally: SoL was made by developers/admins for developers/admins.


  • Fast&Easy Installation System with RAID Wizard
  • Supports Network (over PXE) and DVD Installation
  • Optimized for modern CPU Architectures
  • Ready to use as XEN dom0 or domU
  • Features QEMU mode to boot right from Windows!
  • "Ready for Cluster" Technology
  • Perfect integration for heterogenous Environments
  • Advanced XML boot Technology
  • Integrated Server Development Workbench Tools
  • Full-Feature Diskless training, evaluation and rescue mode! The only DVD you need! - aka: Sysadmins best friend
  • "Ready for Virtualization" Technology (featuring XEN and QEMU)

SoL is free!

SoL - Server optimized Linux is Open Source software and free to download.

Nice features

  • Put the SoL 25.00 DVD into your DVD drive, reboot your system and choose "Diskless SoL 25.00" from the boot menu!
  • If you run Windows, insert the DVD and click on "BOOT_THIS_CD.bat". This will boot the DVD using QEMU. Choose "Diskless 25.00" from the boot menu!
  • On the CD you will find useful tools for Win32 under the contrib/ directory!
For more information and features, please visit the

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