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Saturday, October 30, 2010

INSERT (english pages)

Inside Security Rescue Toolkit

INSERT is a complete, bootable linux system. It comes with a graphical user interface running the fluxbox window manager while still being sufficiently small to fit on a credit card-sized CD-ROM.

INSERT contains a multitude of useful tools to be at your hand in a variety of situations:

full read-write support for NTFS-partitions using ntfs-3g
support for various file system types:
support for linux software RAID and LVM2
support for WLAN adapters
network analysis (e.g. nmap, tcpdump)
disaster recovery (e.g. gparted, gpart, partimage, testdisk, recover)
virus scanning (Clam Antivirus, the GUI xfprot for F-Prot)
computer forensics (e.g. chkrootkit, foremost, rootkit hunter)
surf the internet (e.g. the web browser dillo [enhanced version], the graphical FTP client gFTP)
network boot server to boot network boot enabled clients that cannot boot from the CD (insert-remote)
installation on a USB memory stick (usb-install)
based on Linux kernel and Knoppix 5.1.1

INSERT v1.3.9b is released under the GNU General Public License. Please read the terms of use. After that you can download the latest version free of charge from Sourceforge as a ready-to-burn ISO-image of about 60MB, which fits on a credit card-sized CD-ROM (with overburning).
Please verify the proper download of the image with the supplied MD5-hash.
Also available is the German version of INSERT.

Here you can grab a screenshot, the CHANGELOG and the list of applications.

You may wish to visit the INSERT project page on where you can subscribe to the announcement of new releases.

We continually try to improve INSERT and are glad to receive your suggestions and bug reports at

TODO - planned and most wanted features and additions

Improve the tool to install INSERT on a USB memory stick.
Still more Documentation has to be added.
Add ethereal or ntop.
Integrate a tool for reading PDFs (xpdf), so that people can access our information material on the CD :-)
Add more tools for disaster recovery and network analysis.

The full version of the Ultimate Boot CD - a fantastic and huge collection of bootable floppy images for all kinds of system management tasks - now comes bundled with INSERT. Thanks to Charles Appel for integrating UBCD with INSERT. He has done a great piece of work.


We like to thank all programmers of the open source software community. Without them most of the cool stuff that resembles the internet would just not be there.
Some ideas for INSERT were taken from Damn small linux.
Special thanks go to Klaus Knopper for KNOPPIX on which INSERT is heavily based and wouldn't exist without.

Go there...

This is one of the first Linux Rescue Distros that I discovered, a few years ago. I still like it's simplicity and ease of use, with many Graphical Apps. I may have worn out my CD, though. It doesn't like to boot on the machine that I (think) I originally I burned the CD on...


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