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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revisor Bugs Errors

Revisor is a community product by Fedora Unity. Amongst other features, it allows the creation of installation media and live media in the easiest possible manner, through a click-and-go GUI. This chapter gives some insight on how and why Revisor was born, and how the product evolved since.
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I have been trying to Remix Fedora 13 with a Kickstart file and Revisor. But it hangs up on Errors every time I run it. I have changed the settings in my Kickstart file and in Revisor so many times, that I lost track. I have ben able to get past the No Network Connection Errors by adding eth0, eth1 via DHCP and along with eth2, eth3 Static IP to both of my Routers on my Network. I believe that the problem is that eth0 is busy, being used by my system. Because after quite a few runs with different eth settings, eth1 via DHCP seems to be the one that works. To be sure one of them works I now leave them all in the kickstart file, since Revisor uses the one that works automatically. After that I get to the point where ISO creation fails and then Revisor Locks up and wont finish. I know Revisor Can work, since I used it on Fedora 11 to make a Remix, after working through many of the same Errors. But, it's been a while since I make my Fedora 11 Remix and I can't remember all of my steps to Success. Also, I think the ISO creation failed Error is a new one, to me. If anyone has successfully Ran Revisor with a Kickstart file made with the Kickstart App. Let me know, Ok...


Revisor Bugs Errors
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