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Sunday, October 24, 2010

FAQ — Revisor


Frequently Asked Questions about Revisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to revisor being so new and in such a rapid development state, we are only going to add FAQ items as they come up. If you have a FAQ idea, please contact us and it will be added promptly.

Q: What is Revisor?

A: Revisor is a piece of software that allows any user, with technical skill or not, to create their own flavor of Fedora.

Q: Why is Feature X Not Working?

A: Due to the rapid development cycle of Revisor, we are adding (and sometimes removing) features all the time. We try and be consistent in enabling or disabling any checkboxes or other options that refer to a feature that isn't fully stable, but we do not always succeed in doing that.

Q: How do I install Revisor?

A: On Fedora 7+:

yum install revisor

Q: What is the default root password for a Live image?

A: The default password is "revisor".


Q: What is the quickest way I can Re-Spin Fedora?

A: A Re-Spin is basically the "GOLD" package set built with updates. Here are some examples:

  • i386 Fedora 7 DVD: 
    revisor --cli --model=f7-i386 --kickstart=/etc/revisor/conf.d/fedora-7-gold.cfg --dvd
  • i386 Fedora 7 CD Set:
    revisor --cli --model=f7-i386 --kickstart=/etc/revisor/conf.d/fedora-7-gold.cfg --cd
  • x86_64 Fedora 7 DVD:
    revisor --cli --model=f7-x86_64 --kickstart=/etc/revisor/conf.d/fedora-7-gold.cfg --dvd
  • x86_64 Fedora 7 CD Set:
    revisor --cli --model=f7-x86_64 --kickstart=/etc/revisor/conf.d/fedora-7-gold.cfg --cd

Q: How do I use a local ISO image as a build source?

A: The instructions are on our 'Creating CD Installation Media Based on a DVD

' page.


Q: How do I live on the bleeding edge of Revisor?

A: To use the latest and greatest (and maybe broken) revisor:

Please Note: The default clone will still need valid revisor configuration files in the default location of /etc/revisor/conf.d. The easiest way of getting these configuration files is to just first install revisor with yum. Another option would be to edit the revisor configuration file in the clone and point it at valid configuration files (the configuration file is conf/revisor.conf).Also, the script uses sudo so make sure to set up sudo.

git clone git:// cd revisor ./

Q: How can I test my image without burning a CD/DVD?

A: Use your favorite virtualization technology and boot the ISO image. For quick tests, we use Qemu. The following is an example of how to boot your ISO image using Qemu (which can be installed with 'yum install qemu')

with a user space network interface:

qemu --net nic,vlan=1 --net user,vlan=1 --cdrom /path/to/your/image.iso 

If you have KVM support:

su -c 'qemu-kvm --cdrom /path/to/your/image.iso'

Q: How do I file good bugs?

A: For us to have a good idea of what and how things broke, we need a traceback. Run revisor from a terminal and it should give you clues as to what went wrong and these clues really help us figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. We are also working on a logging system (logs to /var/log/revisor.log) that could be attached to a bug report. The more information the better.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: Ah! Reading this FAQ? Get involved in our mailing list. Submit any patch you like, request any feature and come and discuss the technical stuff.

Q: Where are all the FAQ Items?

A: You haven't written them yet! :-)


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