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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to Make a Sandpaper Cutter - DIY Home Improvement Guides - How to Repair and Remodel your Bathroom, Kitchen and more

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How to Make a Sandpaper Cutter

Learn how to make a handy sandpaper cutter that divides a full sheet
into four perfect pieces.
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Hand-held finishing sanders use a quarter sheet of sandpaper. Each new
sheet of sand paper has to be divided into four equal pieces. Using a
straight edge to mark it and scissors or a utility knife to cut it will
work--if you do not mind dulling the scissors and the knife in short
order. Why not make a dedicated sandpaper cutter that leaves the edge on
your scissors while making the sandpaper cutting easy? Here are the
steps to construct and use this handy tool.
Step by Step Instructions with Video

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