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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bart's CMS: what is it?

Bart's CMS: what is it?

 What is Bart's CMS?

It is a website Content Management System that is build with Codecharge Studio. Nothing special, there are load's of such systems, but for me it is special because I maintain all the code and develop it myself.

I hope to publish it for free under GPL or LGPL license, but I have to find out if it is possible.

There will also be a commercial package, which contains all source code AND the Codecharge Studio project files.
More information on Codecharge Studio can be found on the website of Yessoftware.

Check back soon for updates.

BTW, Trinityhome runs on it and has never been hacked (but that's probably because it is closed source at this moment :) ), serving about 65.000 unique visits per month!

Currently the CMS includes the following modules:

  • Default / CMS  
  • Users
  • Website pages
  • Blocks
  • Banners 
  • Links
  • Image gallery
  • Store / Webshop
  • Diagrams
  • Download manager
  • IP To Country  
  • Mailing
  • Polls
  • Calendar / Events
  • Blog / News
  • Guestbook
  • JW Flash Image Rotator


Updated: August 31, 2010

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