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Monday, October 18, 2010

HACKMIAMI » Blog Archive » Magnetic Stripe Card Reader!

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader!

Below we have a magnetic card reader made at the HACKMIAMI labs. It reads track 2 found on most magnetic striped cards (i.e. credit cards, drivers licenses, and student ids). Something interesting to point out, while testing the equipment with an old student ID card from a local university we found out it holds the person’s social security number on the card. The SSN use to be the student ID number. I wouldn’t be surprised if other universities did the same. The magnetic card reader was made using a Sanguino (a beefy Arduino clone), an LCD found on SparkFun, and magnetic card reader from All Electronics.

Magnetic           Card Reader

Things to Keep in Mind

The +5V and ground is provided by the sanguino. The LEDs are just for DEBUGGING and are not necessary. The LCD4Bit.h file used is modified so ports 18 – 23 on the sanguino are used for the LCD. You can download the LCD4bit here. An arduino or most other clones can be used for this project.





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