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Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 Reasons Google TV Will Make a Huge Impact on the Web | WebProNews

15 Reasons Google TV Will Make a Huge Impact on the Web

The Entire Web from Your Couch (And Customers' Couches)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Connected TV isn't a new concept anymore, but it's about to get way more interesting, courtesy of Google TV. WebProNews was there for the unveiling of the product at Google I/O back in May, and having seen it in person, I can tell you it's pretty cool. 

Will Google change the web or is it just a bunch of hype? Tell us what you think

Google TV may have a much bigger impact on the web than a lot of people realize at this point. Here are a few reasons why I think this to be the case. 

Google Tag         advertising - new feature for Google Places1. Google TV is Huge for Local Business

Google is good at geo-targeting advertising. People turn to Google more and more to look up local business info. Google is placing search at arguably the best place to reach a person in their home - the TV. Connect the dots. 

2. Google TV is Huge for E-Commerce

Google TV puts the entire web at the fingertips of  TV watchers all the time. Mobile does the same, but now the web is even more front and center in the viewer's attention. Anytime a user sees a commercial for some item or hears something mentioned in a TV show, they can easily flip over to the web, find it and buy it without leaving their couch. Even if their phone is charging in the other room, they have immediate access. 

3. Google TV is Huge for Online Video

Google TV will make it so much easier for TV viewers to flip channels outside of what their cable/satellite provider offers. Nothing on TV? Oh well, there are billions of things to watch online. Google TV even goes out of its way to make YouTube a more convenient destination for watching video, and the options certainly aren't limited to YouTube.  One could even envision TV stations coming out with their own paid apps (not unlike newspapers and magazines are currently doing for the iPad). 

4. Google TV is Huge for Piracy

One side effect of this is that watching pirated content will be easier and more enticing than ever. This is essentially for the same reasons mentioned above. Those who engage in this activity will be even more tempted from their TVs.  

5. Google TV is Huge for Internet Radio

Everybody loves Internet radio. Sites like Pandora,, Grooveshark, etc. let users listen to music they are really interested in hearing, rather than being subjected to the same old stuff the traditional radio stations throw at them over and over again (with commercials). Internet radio on the TV is just another hub to tap into these outlets, and likely a better one than the phone in terms of quality. Your TV is probably hooked up with better speakers. 

Google TV Will Be Big for Android6. Google TV is Huge for Android

The more Google TV catches on, the more people are likely to flock to Android as their mobile OS of choice. People are going to want devices that have as much integration with one another as possible. Plus, Android apps will work on Google TV. It will be easy to use the same apps between devices if both of the devices are running the same OS. 

7. Google TV is Huge for Google Search

Google doesn't need a lot of help in getting search market share at this point, but Bing is doing everything in its power to creep up. Combined with various mobile apps and social media, people sometimes find less reasons to turn to Google for info. Google TV puts Google search a click away on the most important screen in the user's home. 



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