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Monday, July 30, 2012

Email.FBI.Scam - Klam (Clam AV) found in Yahoo Bulk Mail Folder - FBI Internet Alert, Scammers Sending Fake FBI E-mails Seeking Personal Information

Today, (07-30-12)

Email.FBI.Scam was found by Klam (Clam) AV in my Yahoo Bulk Mail Folder, in Thunderbird. And of course, I Deleted it! Klam AV is the Clam AV GUI User interface for the KDE Desktop. Which will run on many Linux Distros. There is a Clam AV for Windows too and I run it on my Win XP System. Clam AV is Completely Free and Open Source Software. I Run both KDE and Gnome 2 on my Fedora 14 Systems. I use Gnome 2, 99.99% of the time and KDE Apps run well in Gnome 2, ass long as you have KDE installed on your System too. I like the Klam GUI, much better than Mucking around in the Command Line, with just plain old Clam AV. It is easy to use and will allow you to look through all of your Virus Scan Results, when the Scan is done. Or it will alert you as they are found. I like to select "Just Report" and go through the Results, after the Scan if Finished. This, Saves me allot of time and Distractions while working. Then I move any Infected Files to the Quarantine Folder. Note, when you move a file to the Quarantine Folder in Klam. They Wont Show Up in the Window. Until you hit the Refresh Button, on the Right (while in the quarantine tab). Yes, I do occasionally find infected files on my Linux Systems. And even though, most Windows Viruses wont Hurt a Linux System. They will Hurt your Windows Buddies, if you Send an Infected File - Video - Pic to them. A Trojan, on the other hand... May very well work, just as intend!:O In Linux and most other Operating Systems as well! These Days... I have always Received these Infected Files, from Downloading Windows Installation Files (.exe, .zip, .msi etc). Or found them in my E-Mail Folders, in Thunderbird (my favorite e-mail client app). I mostly stick to the Linux Repositories for my Distribution, when Downloading and Installing Apps. They work very hard at keeping the files there, Clean and Safe. And the Application Managers (Add Remove Programs in Fedora 14) will automatically Download and Install any Dependencies that you need for any App - Program that you Install from there. I usually Research the Suspect Files, to make sure that they are not "False Positives". You can do this in Klam. By "Right Clicking" on the File and Searching (after the Scan if finished). Right Click and then Select "Search in the Virus Browser". This will do a Search for info in which ever Search Engine that you chose from the Drop Down List, at the time. I don't really like the small Search Window in Klam. And I like to Bookmark my Findings in Firefox too. So, after the Results come up. I usually copy and paste the name of the Suspect File, into Google in my Firefox Web Browser. Also, I usually Upload the Files to a Couple of Online File Scanners ( or or and there are more, see links below). I Upload and Scan them, to see what the other Virus Scanners find inside the Files. Then, after I am done with my Research. I Permanently Delete them from within Klam. By using the Buttons on the Right Side. I have, on occasion, ran into a file that couldn't be Deleted by Klam. But, in Linux. It's usually, just a File Permission Problem. I like to use Krusader (file manager) in "root" mode to get "root" Permissions. Then I am able to Delete the Infected File Easily, this way. Of course, if the file is in one of your Running Apps. Then you may have to stop the App, to be able to Delete it. I would Really do some Real Checking. Before Deleting any files from within my Linux Apps! Oh! and Don't Run Klam in root mode! You will most likely Really Mess Up your System. I know, I have done it!:O Klam, usually finds several files that it labels heuristics.broken.executable. And most of the time. These files are Not Actually Broken. They are just "False Positives". Many PDF files show up this way and some zip files. It seems to have something to do with files that are encrypted and don't allow changes to be made to them. Like Fill in Adobe PDF Files that you have to have the Actual Adobe Reader to Fill be able to fill them in. Files that Clam AV can't figure out what they are for (or how ever that works;)... Klam - Clam AV, leaves it up to you do Decide Which Files are Really Bad Ones. So, Using Klam (Clam) Av is a Hands on Deal, in Linux, that is. But, that's the way, most of us Linux Users like it!;) ClamAV for Windows, is Pretty Much Automatic. I really never mess with it, on my Win XP System. But, then again... I hardly ever use my Windows System either and I Rarely Download anything on it either (for Obvious Safety Reasons)!:O See, some Screen Shots of my last Run of Clam AV in the Klam Gui and More info on Email.FBI.Scam Below...


Internet Alert: Scammers Sending Fake FBI E-mails Seeking Personal Information

Washington, D.C. January 15, 2008
  • FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691

Have you received a suspicious e-mail from FBI Director Robert Mueller or another FBI official? If so, it is a fake. The FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) have increasingly received reports of fraudulent schemes misrepresenting FBI agents, officials, and/or FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III. The fraudulent e-mails give the appearance of legitimacy due to the usage of pictures of the FBI Director, seal, letterhead, and/or banners. The types of schemes utilizing the names of FBI agents, officials, or the Director's name are typically lottery endorsements and inheritance notifications.

Other fraudulent schemes representing the FBI claim to be from our domestic as well as overseas offices. The schemes cover a range from threat and extortion e-mails, website monitoring containing malicious computer program attachments (malware), and online auction scams.

The social engineering technique of utilizing the FBI's name is to intimidate and convince the recipient the e-mail is legitimate.

The FBI does not send out e-mails soliciting personal information from citizens.

Please be cautious of any unsolicited e-mail referencing the FBI, FBI Director Mueller, or any other FBI official endorsing any type of Internet activity.

To receive the latest information about cyber scams please go to the FBI website and sign up for e-mail alerts by clicking on one of the red envelopes. If you have received a scam e-mail please notify the IC3 by filing a complaint at For more information on e-scams, please visit the FBI's New E-Scams and Warnings webpage.

Go there Read More on the Site...

Email.FBI.Scam Klam (Clam) AV found in Yahoo Bulk Mail Folder 07-30-12 (I Deleted it)!

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