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Thursday, July 26, 2012

1967 Chevy Camaro Complete Rebuild - Videos, HowStuffWorks Videos "NAPA Videos"

Video Playlist - West Coast Customs Shop, Completely Tears Down a 1967 Chevy Camaro and then does a Complete Rebuild on the Camaro.

When NAPA Auto Parts asked Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs to rebuild a car using all-NAPA parts, he decided to start with a 1967 Chevy Camaro. In this clip, Hunter returns with the car and the build begins.

West Coast Customs Shop, Completely Tears Down a 1967 Chevy Camaro and then does a Complete Rebuild on the Camaro. Using Parts from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. It's a Promotion for NAPA (of course). But, I found the Tear Down and Rebuild Process, Quite interesting and Educational, as well. These guys are Pros and do a great job! Wish I could afford to hire them to work on my 1976 Chevy Blazer and 1983 Doge Good Times Van!;) I would definitely Pick my own Colors for the Paint Jobs though. I liked the Blue, after it was Buffed up and finished. But, I just can't believe that they Painted the Hood and Roof Solid Silver, with that Gaudy Yellow stripe down the side!:O Leaving the Classic Chevy SS Stripes off of the Car. It says to me... I got my Hood out of a Junk Yard!:O I've seen many Project Cars like that over the years. And I always hurt a little bit inside, for that Car. And hoped that the owner would soon be able to Paint that Car and finish his Project. When I was a young man. Only the Cool SS Chevy's had those Stripes. I know, this one is only a Box Stock Camaro, with a 2 Barrel Carb and 327 Engine. But, those Racing Stripes look so Cool!;)

Like these 1967 Chevy Camaros... You might even get away with some little Yellow stripes, beside some Big Silver Stripes. Instead of White ones in these Pics. Just to get all of those "NAPA" Colors in there...

Nice original look on this one... I've always liked these Stock Wheels too... 

The RS Stripes look good too...

I like this 4x4 Camaro too. Do you? So, I know...
Gaudy, is indeed in the eye of the Beholder;)

I bought a 1967 Chevelle Body and Rolling Cassie for $25 in 1975. I was planning on Building it up with a 454 and making a Fast Hot Rod out of it. But, I ran away and got married in stead, before I even got started on that Project. After that... I had a 1970 SS Chevelle. I bought it in 1977. I kept it until about 1980 and then I sold it. I kept the 396 (402) Big Block Motor and Turbo 400 Transmission and some Air Conditioner Parts though. I put the Motor in my 1964 Chevy Panel Truck. I had already put a 454 and a Turbo 400 Trans in the Truck. But it spun a Rod Bearing:( And the Chevelle had ended up with a Bent Frame. From skidding over a Curb and Storm Drain!:O While "Rat Racing" with a Buddy, through a Neighbor hood. With that 402 Big Block. My Car was just too fast for it's Breaks. I know... very stupid, to drive fast in a Neighborhood!:( But, I was 19 years old at the time... So, back to Paint Jobs. My 70 Chevelle had been Repainted (so I thought) with Solid Burgundy and big Metal Flakes, when I bought it for $800!:) It had a Vinyl Top too. It looked good and I liked it. Just like these, but without the White or Black Stripes. And mine had the Steel Slotted Wheels, not the Aluminum ones. I wanted the Aluminum Slotted Wheels or some Chrome Kracker (Krager) Mag's. Not these, they weren't even made, back then...

These 70 SS Chevelle's, look just like mine (mine had no Stripes though).

The Black Stripes on this one look good. And I had the Vinyl Top, like this one too...

But, I always wanted to Repaint my Chevelle, with Metal Flake Blue and put the Racing Stripes on it too. Like this one, And I wanted a Cowl Induction Hood too. Those Stock Wheels, weren't Cool, back then though...

Or this, would be really nice too. There's those Kracker (Krager) Mags that I was talking about. They made some like this in flat black and grey back then ("Mags" standing for Magnesium). We called them Krackers. Because, they were prone to Cracking, if put to just a little abuse. Like Hot Rodder's usually do...

That Vinyl Top on my Chevelle. Started Pealing off one day at 120MPH!:O When I was trying to find out what the Top Speed was, on that Car. It made so much noise, that I thought (at first) that I had Blown the Motor!:O I never did Top that Car Out. At about 125MPH (the Speedometer only went to 120, so I had to estimate). The Suspension Started Floating and I felt like I was going to Take of like an Air Plane! I was Crazy, back then, but not Completely Stupid!;) Ya, if I knew then, what I know now... That thing would be worth a Whole Bunch of $$$ Money Today! If I had taken Care of it and still had it, that is...


Go there (Video Playlist Page)...

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