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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Draw on Your Screen in Firefox, with the Screen Draw Addon

Screen Draw lets you draw or type text over the top of any page in any color or size and then save it to png or jpeg. I tried it out and it is simple to use and works fine for basic Annotations in Firefox. But, when typing text on a Page. It does Not, automatically Wrap the Text. When you get to the end of the invisible editing area. The Text will began to move to the left. And when you hit Enter, to finish your Editing. The Text that I typed, on my first try, stayed in one line and covered up other text on the Screen. I changed my Text Color to Red and that worked fine. But, I had to type my Sentence in separate Text Entries. And just guess at where the end of my line should be. In order to keep it within the Allotted Space, in Editing Area. Also, I tried changing the Brush Size, from the Default 5, to 3. Since it was a Bit Big for my taste, when drawing a Circle around some Text. But, then it became too small for me to see on the Page. Even thought I had changed it to Red. So, for me, 5 is the Best Brush Size to use. Here's a Screen Shot, that I saved with Screen Draw. Of my Text Notations on the Gizmo's Article Page. When I opened it up in Gwenview, it was very Narrow and I thought, Unusable for me. Then later on, while writing this Post. I realized that it was just the Default View (of "Fit") in Gwenview, that was Fooling Me!:O When I Zoomed in a few times, on the Image, it is very Readable and a good Screen Shot... 

Here is a Screen Shot that I Saved with Screen Draw. Using "Save Visible Area". But, the Top Portion of the "Visible Area" in my Browser, Did Not Show Up, in my Screen Shot. So, this feature of Screen Draw, is pretty much Useless to me....

And here is a Screen Shot that I took with (my favorite) Shutter, Screen Shot App. I Selected the Area that I was interested in and took a Screen Shot of it. I did this, because. I thought that the First full Page Screen Shot that I had Saved with Screen Draw. Was too Narrow (because of Gwenview's Default "Fit" View) and was Unreadable (Gwenview, is my favorite Picture - Image Viewer and Basic Editor). But, that did show me that I could use other Screen Shot Tools to take a Screen Sot of my Work in Screen Draw, if I wish. All in all... I think that Screen Draw, could Come in Handy. When you need to Make Notations on a Web Site, in Firefox. But, it Definitely has it's Limitations...


How to Draw on Your Screen in Firefox

Have you ever wanted to explain something to someone and wished you could draw on the computer screen? Or maybe you are like me and give computer presentations, where being able to draw on the screen can make things clearer. Then there are times when you would like to add comments to the screen and save the results. If you use the Firefox browser, there is a free add-on that lets you draw or type on any web page to your heart’s content and save the screen as a JPG or PNG if you wish.

It’s called Screen Draw and is available at this Mozilla link. When installed it adds a pencil icon to your Firefox toolbar. Clicking the icon opens the toolbar shown on the left. The toolbar has the functions Clear, Save, Text, Erase, and Brush. There is also a slider to adjust the size of text or of the drawing brush. Configuring of colors and font can be done from the Firefox Add-Ons Manager with the dialog shown in the figure below.

Read More and See Pic...

Screen Draw lets you draw or type text over the top of any page in any color or size and then save it to png or jpeg
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