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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hotel Bible Kindle: Get in Touch with God. Digitally. | WebProNews

Hotel Bible Kindle: Get in Touch with God. Digitally.

Hotel Bibles are as commonplace as curious stains on bedsheets. Whenever I travel, I always take a peek in the drawers to see if one has been provided, should I decide to save my soul during my stay. Because I’ve watched way too many movies in my day, I secretly flip through the pages in case someone has left behind a key, a hastily-scrawled note, or, perhaps, a small collection of unmarked one hundred dollar bills. Alas, the only thing I’ve ever found is a stick of gum and a condom wrapper.
However, the days of physical copies in hotel rooms may be coming to a close in the near future. The Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, UK has recently started putting Kindles in their rooms, which come pre-loaded with a copy of the Bible. Not a Christian? Don’t get too worked up, as the hotel allows guests to download any religious text they want for free. Assuming, of course, your religion charges less that $7.50 for enlightenment.
If the last thing you want is to be preached to during your stay, you can always download other e-books to the device, though you’ll have to pay for this heathen literature yourself. Fair enough.

That's Cool!:) I really like that:) I wonder if you can watch Religious Movies on it too? Oh! Wait... Kendal's don't play Movies. Not unless there Hacked and have Linux on them... Right??? And No, I don't think that would be a Sin... Hacking a Kendal and installing Linux on it. If you own it that is... Now, the Hotel Kendal's, that might get you into some kind of trouble;)...


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