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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The first Linux botnet? | ITworld

The first Linux botnet?
Recent reports have it that Linux has been infected by its first botnet.
In one word: "Nah."
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September 12, 2009, 09:41 PM —

Has Linux security been breeched? Are Linux systems in danger of being
transformed into botnet zombies the way millions of Windows PCs have
been? In a word: "Nah."

According to a report in The Register, A Russian security researcher,
Denis Sinegubko, has discovered a cluster of infected Linux servers that
have been corralled into a botnet, which is then used to distribute
malware to Windows users. Is t

Ah, Windows fans everywhere, I hate to break this to you but compromised
Linux servers have been used for ages to run Windows botnets. After all,
if you had a couple of hundred of thousand Windows PCs at your beck and
call would you use Windows to control them? Of course not!

Yes, Linux servers have been broken into manually. There is not, I
repeat, is not, any malware that automatically convert Linux desktops or
servers into virus-spreading boxes. All that has happened is that
someone, as many others have in the past, has busted into improperly
secured Linux servers.



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