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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Kneber Botnet Tied To 75 000 Systems

New Kneber Botnet Tied To 75,000 Systems

Doug Caverly
Staff Writer

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This may turn into an unplug-your-computer-and-pay-for-everything-with-cash kind of day for some security experts. NetWitness announced this morning that it's discovered a new ZeuS botnet affecting 75,000 systems in 2,500 organizations. Social networks, financial systems, and government organizations are all thought to have been compromised.

In a formal statement, NetWitness explained how it originally came across the problem, indicating that it "first discovered the Kneber botnet in January during a routine deployment of the NetWitness advanced monitoring solutions."

Then, "Deeper investigation revealed an extensive compromise of commercial and government systems that included 68,000 corporate login credentials, access to email systems, online banking sites, Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail and other social networking credentials, 2,000 SSL certificate files, and dossier-level data sets on individuals including complete dumps of entire identities from victim machines."

This means that the Kneber botnet has moved well beyond a straightforward focus on banking information. Also, as you might have guessed after seeing such large numbers, Kneber has managed to infect systems all over the world.



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