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Thursday, February 5, 2009

PC Hell: Free RootKit Removal Tools and Software

Rootkit Removal Tools and Help

What are Rootkits?
Rootkits orginated on UNIX platform computers but have evolved and
invaded Windows computers in the last few years. The term rootkit comes
from the fact that the program would gain administrative priviledges
(root access) on the UNIX system and then hide all traces of the program
so it could work behind the scenes without being detected.

On Windows systems, rootkits are being used by spyware, adware,
viruses, trojans, and other malware to hide the system processes are
work undetected. Slow running computers, unwanted popup ads, redirection
of websites and search can all be signs of a rootkit. However it takes
special software to detect them. Since rootkits are designed to hide
from users they also hide from most antivirus and antispyware software.
This is why many of the antivirus makers and other companies have
produced special rootkit removal tools in the last few years.

The general rule of thumb is if you are still having misc. issues
including blue screens, system slowdowns, and other problems and none of
your virus and spyware tools have detected a problem, you might have a

Many of those electronic greeting card spams that you may have seen in
the last few months have contained rootkits. The spam needing you to
download "Microsoft Data Access" to view the electronic card contained a
rootkit, and without special software to analyze the computer the
rootkit stayed undetected. Sony had a terrible public relations fiasco
with rootkits awhile back as well, and is still under scrutiny because
of their MicroVault USM-F software used for fingerprint-reading flash

So if you think you have been infected with a rootkit or simply want to
scan your system for one use the list below to read about and download a
rootkit removal tool.

Go there...

rootkit remover - Google Search...


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