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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First and Only Man Cured of HIV Wants to Start Foundation

Man Cured of AIDS Virus: 1st U.S. News Conference

First and Only Man Cured of HIV Wants to Start Foundation
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

July 24, 2012 -- At his first U.S. news conference, the first and only man to be cured of HIV infection says he's setting up a foundation to fund an AIDS cure.

Timothy Ray Brown, 45, was living in Berlin and being treated for his HIV infection with a normal anti-HIV drug regimen. When he developed leukemia, he underwent a bone marrow transplant. His doctor decided to look for a donor who had a rare genetic mutation that makes a person resistant to HIV infection.

Such a donor was found. After having his own blood cells eradicated with radiation and powerful chemotherapy, Brown received the transplant with the anti-HIV mutation. While recovering, he was unable to take his anti-HIV drugs -- yet there was no sign of the virus in his body.

Five years later, Brown remains HIV free. A recent report that there may be lingering virus in his body is not true, Brown said at the news conference.

"Despite what you may have heard recently, I am cured of the AIDS virus," Brown said. "I am cured and will remain cured."



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