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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No more Thunderbird! Please, say it isn't So!:O

Mozilla does the unthinkable


Takeaway: Mozilla made the jaw dropping announcement they are (sort of) halting the development of the single most important open source email client, Thunderbird. Jack Wallen offers his take on this odd news.

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news that Mozilla has decided to “pull the plug” on Thunderbird. In essence, Mozilla is pulling its resources away from Thunderbird development in the hopes that the fans, er, open source community, will take over the development.

First of all — of course they will. The open source community has done this constantly. A good project is dropped (or the developers take the project down a road the project shouldn’t go down) and a group of developers fork the project so the application can continue to live. That will most likely happen here. And maybe Thunderbird will turn into something even greater.

But the big question is “why”? Most speculation surrounds a ubiquitous project named Kilimanjaro. This foundation of this project is “The web is the platform”. What does this say? To me it says that Mozilla has something behind some Oz-ian curtain akin to Google Apps.


No more Thunderbird! Please, say it isn't So!:O

Thunderbird has been my favorite e-mail Client App, since I first started running Linux in 2005. I had used MS Outlook in years prior and Thunderbird worked similarly. I like Thunderbird better than any other Free and Open Source e-mail App that I have tried out. Like Evolution, Claws etc. I do have to admit, that I never really gave the others very much time to win my approval. Since Thunderbird, just worked and works well for me. I do Not like Web Based e-mail, now they call it "Cloud" Based. Besides the Security Issues... Meaning, who can you trust not to just delete all of your e-mails that you have saved for future reference. And of course, the prying eyes as well. Prying eyes is still a problem and a risk, with any e-mail System. Since it passes through the Internet (encrypted or not). Encryption can be broken... But, the main reasons that I like my e-mail being taken care of by an App on my Local Machine. Are: Speed, local e-mail apps are a whole lot faster to use than Web Based. And Thunderbird, does not use up near as much System Resources as Web Based Java, or Flash Apps. Straight HTML Web Based e-mail, is almost a thing of the past, now. Google, calls it Legacy and says that it only has limited functionality and may not work as expected. That, brings me to those Annoying and Seizure Causing Adds!:O Even thought I run Adblock Plus in all of my Web Browser. Those Pesky Web Based e-mail Adds, still get through and Blink and Auto Scroll Adds in my face! The whole time that I am trying to read my e-mails!:( I cannot and will not put up with that! Then, there's convenience. I have 5 or so, different e-mail address, set up in my Thunderbird. And I can check all of my e-mail very quickly this way. There's no way I'm switching to Web Based or "The Cloud". Any Time Soon! So, I really, really hope. That people with the needed talent. Do take up the Thunderbird "Flag" and carry it Onward and Upward and keep our Beloved Bird Soaring...


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