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Monday, July 30, 2012

Relay Logic Machine - Mechanical relay logic using a Microcontroller


Some time ago I was doing work for a company that was tasked with automating the engagement of a piece of survey equipment from an F-150 truck. The covered bed needed to 1open from the top, 2the turret needed to left, and 3finally the equipment needed to turn into position. All at the flip of a switch. Then, when the switch was flipped back, the operations needed to go in reverse.

The company I was working for ended up using a micro-controller and proximity sensors for the limit switches. However I believe this relay-centric design is still a great thought experiment and is worth taking a closer look at. The link to a video of the "laser truck" the circuit was designed for is located here.

There were only a few rules to follow:

  • No motor or actuator current may run through any of the control or limit switches
  • All operations must be controlled by the user with just one switch
  • When the sensor array (the package) is in the truck and at rest, all equipment must be off (no relays my be active)
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McAlpine Devices Relay Logic Machine

Video Link...

Well, most of that info was "Greek" to me!;) I'm not sure what they are doing with all of that Curb and Road Data. Reminds me of how the "Google Self Driving Car" works. And I wonder if they work for Google Maps? But, I really like the Machine that they built for Raising and Lowering the Instruments!:) There are so many different uses for something like that. Just Imagine!:)


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