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Monday, December 19, 2011

Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror

This Post is about an idea that came to my mind a few years ago, after finding some Software that enables you to use your Hand or virtually any Object to act as a Mouse and Control your Computer. It's also a response to this Article on the Cloud Mirror - Web enabled mirror Project, that I found here,

Really, the Cloud Mirror, just reminded me of my ideas from last year (2010).... I like the use of the Mirror in the Cloud Mirror and the great Technical knowledge these guys show in dreaming this up. But, I sure don't have the money to buy a 37 inch LCD Monitor just to build one of these!:O Heck, I'm just now getting my first LED LCD 23 inch Monitor for Christmas this year (2011)! And my TV is a 1980's Monkey Wards Portable!:O College kids must be moving up in the World these days!;) But still, I happy for them. They really have some great toys to play with!:) That doesn't mean the rest of us couldn't have the same thing and even more, in our own Bath Rooms. But, why any of us need to spend more time in the Bath Room Reading... I don't know. But, if you feel the need to read your Bath Room Mirror. Rather than just listen to the Radio... Remember those Ancient Devices that can talk to you and play music too??? Or if you don't have a TV in or near your Bath Room. You can set up a Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror or something like this up, with things that you may already have. All you will need is a Laptop. Or Monitor that you can mount on or in your Bath Room Wall and a Computer that you can put or run wiring to, that will reach your Bath Room. Also, you will need one or two Web Cams. The principle is already in use by, I'm sure many women all over the World by now. A few years ago, at a Holiday Get Together... I saw my Niece using her Web Cam Equipped Laptop, to put on her Makeup, in the Den - Family Room. That started the ideas rolling around in my head immediately! But, since I spend no more time in front of a mirror, than the time it takes to shave or comb my hair... I really have no need to build this Project. But, for those Pretty Boys and all you other Girls out there!;) This cold be as easy or as involved a Project as your Pretty Little Heads, Please. There's only one other thing that you would need to build your Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror or Portable Laptop Mirror. Some Free Open Source Software that will enable you to use your Hand or virtually any Object to act as a Mouse and Control your Computer. I discovered Camspace Software in 2010 and posted about it on my Blog here, So, check Camspace out and give it a try. I tried it out and it worked great. I used my hand and also a Marker to Control my WinXP System. I believe it will work in newer versions of Windows too. It was great fun and worked pretty well. It was more of a novelty to me, since I can still work faster with a Mouse and I seldom Boot up my WinXP System. I am an avid Fedora Linux user. I looked around a bit, for a Linux version of this type of Software, but didn't find anything that was this easy to use. But, that was over a year ago now. So, someone may have Coded a Linux App for that too, by now... I said you could use one or two Web Cams. You really only need one. But, I thought that two could be useful as well. What you could do is... Setup up Camspace to control your mouse. The download page is here, But, you may want to watch the videos on my Blog at the above link or read up before getting started with Camspace. It's not hard at all. But you will need to follow the steps involved to get good results in controlling your computer with alternative objects. Then Start up Camspace and use the Preview Window for Camspace or your Web Cam App. It's been over a year since I tried out Camspace. So, I can't remember if Camspace has a Preview Window of it's own or not. But, either way. Your Web Cam Preview Window can act as your Mirror. You could Size the Preview Window to your liking and then open up Your Web Browser, go to the Page or Pages with the info that you want to read and Size these Windows to your liking and arrange them for your convenance. I notices that the Text in the Cloud Mirror, was in the middle of the Mirror. This would not be good for me. I would want the Text to be on either Side and my mirror Viewing Area in the Middle of my Mirror Screen. A wide Screen LCD or LED - LCD Monitor would be great for this. But, a Laptop would be good too. And it is portable, so you can just carry it to where ever you want to use your "Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror". If your into simplicity, then the Laptop would be the way to go. But, if you want to do some Installation work and just really think that having a Permanent Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror in your Bath Room. Then Have fun and send me some Pics or a Video of your Completed Project, ok:) Cause I don't think I really need something like this... Still, I think it could be fun to have:)


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