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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cloud Mirror

Web enabled mirror

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The mirror display is an interactive mirror that enables the user to view and interact with widgets. These widgets include traffic, news, calendar, and weather. All pull data from the internet in real time to display content to the user. The input to the mirror are gesture swipes that are captured by IR reflectors. This project was done as a ECE 4180 project at Georgia Tech using the Ebox 3300 and phidgets sensors. The source and materials list are available for reproduction by others.



I like the use of the Mirror in the Cloud Mirror and the great Technical knowledge these guys show in dreaming this up. But, I sure don't have the money to buy a 37 inch LCD Monitor just to build one of these!:O Heck, I'm just now getting my first LED LCD 23 inch Monitor for Christmas this year (2011)! And my TV is a 1980's Monkey Wards Portable!:O College kids must be moving up in the World these days!;) But still, I happy for them. They really have some great toys to play with!:) That doesn't mean the rest of us couldn't have the same thing and even more, in our own Bath Rooms. But really, the Cloud Mirror, just reminded me of my ideas from last year (2010)....

Web Enabled Bathroom Mirror

This Post is about an idea that came to my mind a few years ago, after finding some Software that enables you to use your Hand or virtually any Object to act as a Mouse and Control your Computer. It's also a response to this Article on the Cloud Mirror - Web enabled mirror Project, that I found here,

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