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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Installing YaCy Search, is very simple on Linux

For more info on YaCy, go to my Previous Post here...

YaCy - The Peer to Peer Search Engine: Home

Web Search by the people, for the people

Installing YaCy is very simple on Linux. There is actually no installation needed. Just Download the File. Then unpack it and then run the Start Script ( Which will be in the "yacy" directory, after you unpack the "yacy_v1.0_20111127_8121.tar.gz" file. I'm running Fedora 14 and the Search Page Automatically Opened up in my Default Web Browser (Firefox). So, I didn't even have to Navigate to the Local Search URL http://localhost:8090...

Here are the installation instructions...

YaCy 1.0 for GNU/Linux

This is the generic installation package that can be used on all systems. Just decompress and run the start script, then open http://localhost:8090 in your web browser. This needs a OpenJDK6 runtime environment. Debian-Packages are also available: YaCy for Debian
I really like the Setup  of the YaCy Search Page and how easy it is to Navigate the Site and do Searches. It Searches the Internet by Default.

The Search Page looks like this...

P2P Web Search

You can set YaCy up to Search your Local Files too, if you wish. I didn't do that though. I wasn't clear after reading the Setup Page. If my local files would be Indexed and Shared on the Internet or not or if I had a Choice on that. Of Course, I wouldn't want my Personal Files Being Shared on the Internet!:O Who would. So, I'm guessing that there is at lest a Choice there. I tried the Image Search Option and The Text Search too. It was a bit slow, when I tired the Image Search out. Tex Search was just fine though. I imagine, that as more People Join and more Search Servers go Online. That the Speed of the Search Results will Improve. I would love to Join and Run my own local YaCy Search Engine Crawler Server. But, there is one thing Stopping me. Well a couple, really... YaCy is using too much Memory for my Modest System. I'm running a Core 2, 1.8GHz, with 2.5GB of Ram. That only leaves me with 463,32Mb of Ram Memory left to do my work on my System, with YaCy Running. And that I can't do... When I Shut Down YaCy. My Memory usage went down to .85GB (See Screen Shots Below). So, that gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. The Culprit is Java. See my Screen Shots Below, with YaCy Running and not Running. When I first Start up YaCy, Java uses 60% of my CPU. But, then it settles down after about a minute and the CPU usage is nominal. But, I'm not doing any Web Indexing either. Still, the Memory Usage, stays too High for my System. See the info and Screen Shots Below. There is a difference between what the YaCy Interface Shows and what my System Monitor Screen Shots Show. I'm only focusing on Java in my Screen Shots. So, the info that I pasted from the YaCy Admin Page shows the Total Memory Usage...
Memory Usage
free: 463.32 MB total: 569.56 MB max: 569.56 MB
Traffic [Reset]
Proxy: 0 Bytes Crawler: 47.93 MB
Info above, from the YaCy Admin Pages

Then there's the other Concern I have.
How much of my Internet Bandwidth would YaCy use if I were to Open Up my system to Crawl the Internet and be Searched by other Systems? I don't have the YaCy 8090 Port opened up now. And I don't have YaCy set to Crawl the Internet either. I wonder, if I did setup Crawling and the YaCy Search Server was Accessible to the Internet. How much Bandwidth would be used and how much Data would be Stored on my System? I'm thinking that Crawling could fill up a 320GB Hard Drive - Partition, Pretty Fast... I really like the Idea of Running my Own Search Engine. And I wish I could do it now. But, it looks like, I would need a Dedicated Machine. Set up for YaCy use only. That or a really Fast new Computer (which I would love to have!:)... And much more than the 18Mbps Download and 1Mbps Upload Speeds that I have now, with my Present Deal with my ISP. I'm already Running my Web Sites on my System and need to Conserve my Bandwidth for my Web Server Anyway. Maybe One Day, though...


Go there En:Start - YaCyWiki...

For more info on YaCy, go to my Previous Post here...

YaCy - The Peer to Peer Search Engine: Home

Web Search by the people, for the people

YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal

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YaCy - The Peer to Peer Search Engine: Home
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