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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Antennas to Improve Your Wireless Connection

I found some good Pages with Templates for building WiFi Antenna Boosters for your Wireless Router. They are free, easy to make and you can make them from very inexpensive materials too!:)



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  Windsurfer Reflector Template V2.0
   Ez-10 10 dB Corner Reflector Template

Antenna Models for 2.4 GHz
Antenna Models for 900 MHz
Outdoor AP
The Original Parabolic Reflector Template
How to build a tilt over tower?
Do I need power over ether net?

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Antennas to Improve Your Wireless Connection
HowStuffWorks "5: Position Your Router"
HOW TO MAKE A WIFI EXTENDER - YouTube - Google Search
Ez-10 Corner Reflector Templat
Outdoor AP
Parabolic Templat
Numerical Electromagnet Code (NEC) Archives
PC-Tools.Net: Tools and utilities for Windows, Unix/Linux, DOS
Boost Your Wireless with a Free Antenna
Internet Speed Test - Test Internet Speed
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