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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are Bloggers Journalists? | WebProNews

Are Bloggers Journalists?

The debate continues

Oh, how many times will this whole blogger vs. journalist debate come up? Will there ever be consensus? Does the title even matter?

Are bloggers journalists? Tell us what you think.

Earlier this week, we looked at a U.S. court that ruled an Oregon blogger is not a journalist. Shaylin Clark reported on the story, where Obsidian Finance Group sued blogger Crystal Cox for defamation. Cox runs some blogs that talk about legal and financial issues, including one called Obsidian Finance Sucks. As Clark wrote:

…she has taken issue with the behavior of Obsidian Finance and Kevin Padrick, co-founder of the company. In one post in particular, posted late last year, she accused Padrick of fraud, of dishonesty with Obsidian’s shareholders, and the abuse of his position as the company’s chapter 11 trustee for personal gain.

The post acknowledges that Cox had already received a cease-and-desist from Padrick’s attorney. In response to Cox’s refusal to comply, Obsidian sued for defamation. Cox, who represented herself in court, argued that she was a journalist, and that the information in her post had come from a confidential source, insulating both her and the source from liability. Judge Hernandez wrote in his ruling that internet blogs are not covered by the statute in question, which defines media of communication as “any newspaper, magazine or other periodical, book, pamphlet, news service, wire service, news or feature syndicate, broadcast station or network, or cable television system.” He further argues, citing state statute, that the protections of Oregon’s journalism shield law do not apply in civil defamation suits, meaning that even if he accepted Cox’s argument that being a blogger made her a journalist, she would not be protected by the shield law in this instance.


Well, it seems to me... that Blogging VS Journalism is Not the issue Here. It's Our Rights to Free Speech, here in the USA! Why are "Journalists" allowed to Spread any Viscous Roomer that they Please? And then when they are Proven Wrong. All they have to do is, "Print" a Snide little Apology, along with some Legal Mumbo Jumbo to Cover their Rear Ends!! And then they are Just Fine and Protected by the US Government!!! If any Citizen of the US, Presents a Story to the Public. And that Story, to the best of their knowledge is True. And Especially if they have the Facts to Back it up. Or Even if it is Posted as Their Opinion... Then why isn't that Protected under "Free Speech"!!!!??? Because, Big Media, Owns Most of the World!!!! And US little Peons Really Don't Matter!!!!:( That's Why... 


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