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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can open source save the planet? -

Can open source save the planet?

We take a look at the Open Source Ecology project and how it works

Ambitious open source projects are nothing new. After all, the free software movement started with the GNU project - the creation of free tools to build a free operating system - which at one point many would have considered an impossible dream.

However, the participants in the Open Source Ecology project take ambition to new heights. The project takes the principles that were developed originally by the open source software movement and later the experiments with open source hardware, and applies them to developing an environmentally friendly society by creating open source tools capable of building sustainable communities - pretty much from scratch, using recycled and scrap materials.

The ultimate goal, spokesperson Nikolay Georgiev told Techworld Australia, is to "create an open society, where everybody's needs are met, and where everybody has access to information, material productivity, and just governance systems - such that human creativity is unleashed, for all people."


I wonder if they would let me live there? I can't do the hard work any more... Mostly just the Computer Stuff...


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