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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jetchisel's CyberCabin: OpenSUSE on USB (Reloaded)

Thanks for the link, Jetchisel. That's a great Step by Step Tutorial on installing OpenSuse to a USB Pen, Stick, Flash or External USB Hard Drive. He shows us how to install OpenSuse Linux from a USB Drive to a USB Drive... And how to Edit the grub boot menu to make it Boot Correctly. I like the Screen shots and explanations. Great work!:) I have an OpenSuse Remix that I made my self too. I made it in Suse Studio on their Web Site. It is my first delve into OpenSuse. I haven't "Shared" it yet. Since, I'm not done tweaking the Setup and the Apps that I want to include. But, it is going to be a full Desktop System, with most all the Apps that someone would need to do Daily Web Surfing, E-mail, Graphics and Audio Video work. When I installed it to one of my HD's on my System. I had to read very carefully and think about the Partitioning of the Drive, to make sure I didn't Format any of my other Systems on other Partitions. OpenSuse installation is definitely different than Fedora or Debian. My favorite installaton system, is Fedora's. I find it easier to see what is going to happen, when you commit to Formatting your Drive. Here's a bit of Jetchisel's OpenSuse Installation, How to....


Jetchisel's CyberCabin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OpenSUSE on USB (Reloaded)

There are many guides on how to install SUSE on an external media such as  USB drive including my previous posts. This guide will try to make it as easy as possible so people  that do not have any experience in installing SUSE on an external drive can cope up with this guide.

Please read the whole tutorial first before you proceed!!!

Things you will need:

External drive or a pendrive  ( at least 5 GB )
Installation media DVD/CD, net-install CD and so on.

Lets get started, insert the installer to its drive or boot from the installer while your usb-drive is inserted to its port and make sure that your machine is set to boot with a usb device!

Start the installation.

Should you choose to update an existing install and use auto configuration this is the best place. For most folks auto config is enough however should you choose to do it manually you can remove the check in the box.


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Jetchisel said...

Hi Don, Glad you like my post and yes it is the easy and normal way to install OpenSuSE on an external drive like a usb flash stick and the more larger external usb (enclosed) drive. Its highlight is the grub part. On a normal internal install you would not bother about that part.

Don's Deals Blog said...

Hi Jetchisel, thanks for clearing clearing that up. I re-read your Article. And not I do see that you are installing from a USB Drive to a USB Drive. I red through too fast the first time... I updated my Post to more accurately describe your Tutorial.