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Saturday, July 9, 2011

VideosSky is a freeware for the control Cameras, to capture images or video sequences.

A small summary of this software created for you:

VideosSky is a freeware for the control of the SSAG Orion, Qhy5, Atik Artemis, DMK, Apogee, Basler cameras, to capture images or video sequences. Originally, its aim was to capture video sequences for SSAG Orion cameras, something that was impossible before the creation of my software.

With time, I have added my own cameras, that is to say ATIKs.
Currently, the whole range of ATIK cameras is perfectly controlled. The monitoring of the cooling system is fully automatized. At VidéoSky startup, cooling begins (after you have adjusted the temperature, of course). Then, you have a real time information on the temperature. When you leave VidéoSky, the "Warm Up" phase begins. This phase is mandatory but often ignored. VidéosSky signals by a message that this phase is running and stops after.

The DMK cameras have been added only for the adaptive imaging plugin. And now for the homemade Tip-Tilt system, for Thierry Legault's EM400 mount that is used for the tracking of the Space Station and also for the ATLAS EQG mount equipped with the PLUG and PLAY modulr, modifying the firmware of the mount for the same performance as the EM400 on ISS tracking.

A small plus: a small "SDK" that allows to start the software by command line, with a small help included. This allows you to make automatic capture files.

This new release contains:

- The update of the core for the Orion in 64-bit.
- The integration of the EG6/EQG ISS Tracking module.
- The integration of Basler cameras.
- Full English version during installation.
- French and English languages available.
- Addition of an option for autonomous activation (no activation demand necessary).

The software is still free, however this release and the future ones need an activation key Exclamation This key is personal and linked to the type of computer you have. Thus, is you install Vidéos Sky on two computers, you need two activation keys. The keys are permanently saved in the computer, even after a software uninstall: you'll be able to update the software without reactivation. In addition, you can reuse the key, after disk format for example.

Above all, do not modify the activation text demand, otherwise you'll receive a wrong key. And note that the user name is mandatory for the good working of the key.

A dedicated page on my Forum is available at this address (you'll find the last information updates):

Nice sky to all of you.

Vidéos Sky compatibility chart:

Go there...

Note: I wrote to find out about the "Software Key". The link didn't work, when I found the site today (07-09-11).

Hi, thanks for making your Software Free and available to everyone. I downloaded the Software, but the "Software Key" link on your Site is Broken. Just thought you would wan to know...


Here's the link from your Site...

Autonomous activation file (Pc and Eee Pc) : SetupLicenseV2.exe

Here's Emmanuel's Response... 

Hello, Thanks for your help

I have make the mod and actually the beug is corrected,

Press F5 to the webpage to refresh le link

Thanks for your help

Thanks Emmanuel, I worked perfectly for me today. Thanks for the quick response:)


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