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Sunday, July 31, 2011

In 2004, Shareaza became free and open source as its creator moved onto other pursuits.

Shareaza - Bringing P2P Together

Release Date: May 29th, 2011

Shareaza has been released! DC++ and Gnutella updates, enhanced anti-spam protection, multi-file download merging, and other fixes and improvements are included in this release. Shareaza was first released in mid-2002 with rapid development from its creator. In 2004, Shareaza became free and open source as its creator moved onto other pursuits. The project has faced internal and external battles at times, but it continues to survive and thrive in an increasingly hostile environment.

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This site was created as a supliment to the official Shareaza Open-Source Project web site. It has also become something of a security center for information about frauds and about sites that offer incorrect downloads and links to fraudulent Shareaza sites. After the domain (web site) was taken over by Discordia, a great deal of confusion has occured among past Shareaza users in regard to where they can go for official project information. People are still to this day visiting the site (now under the control of Discordia, as are other titles like BearShare and iMesh) and downloading malicious and fraudulent software under the assumption that it is the official Shareaza software. It is not. Other web sites have sprung up in a sort of feeding frenzy to malign, discredit and profit from the Shareaza name, which was (and is) enormously popular. This site will direct Shareaza users and fans to official sites, resources and downloads. If you would like to understand more about what is happening to the Internet community in regard to Shareaza and other products, see this article.


I use to like Shareaza, back in 2004. When I was running WinXP. And before I discovered Linux!:) It was a great Download and File Sharing App. Easy to use. But also very easy to set to your own preferences. I did run into a few Virus Infected files though. And of all things... I found an infected file by searching for my own music, with the Shareaza file search function. I write and sing and have my music on my Web Site for free Downloads... The file I found was named something like It's been a long time, so I can't remember the name for sure now. It was Not, of course on my Web Site. But I downloaded it to see what it was. I found out!:O With a Big Avast Audio Warning a Virus Has Been Detected!:O I found a few other infected files that way too. So, I learned to just stay away from doing file searches on the P2P Networks. And I did Report it to the Shareaza group too. Anyway... I think that Shareaza is a great File Downloading and File Sharing App. Just be careful what you download and where you download it from... As Always... and Check all Files that you Download before Opening Them! I try to always Scan the files I download in Linux too. I have to do it manually, in Linux. Real Time Virus Scanning in Linux is hard to Setup. But it's really not hard to just Scan files and directories in Linux manually. I use ClamAV with the KlamAV GUI App to make it easy to do.


Shareaza became free and open source as its creator moved onto other pursuits.
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Shareaza - Bringing P2P Together

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