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Monday, July 18, 2011

Study Finds That Memory Works Differently,in the Age of Google

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Finally! A Study that tells about the posative effects of the Power of the Internet and our relatively new found abilit to do a quick Search and fin out most any thing we want to know!:) Before the Internet, I very seldome read anything. I either worked with my hands or Watch TV and Movies. I did ocasionally go to the Library over the years to read up on how to do something on a car or truck that I couldn't firgure out for my self. Now, in my defense. I have allways had trouble with my eyes, in reading printed papers, books and the like. When reading printed materials, my eyse play tricks on me. Numbers and letters swap places and my eyes blurr so that it is very, very hard for me to read things in actual "Print". Therefore, I have never actually read a complete Book in my life and I am now 55 Years old. But, on the Computer, thins are different! I can read much better. I can enlarge the text to where I can see it reasonabley well. Even when my eyes get blurry (like right now). I've been reading for about 10 houres now, today. And I read almost all day, almost every day. Seldome is there a day, including Saturday and Sunday, that I am not on the Internet Reading, Writing and Learning about something. Computers and the Internet has Changed my Life! And in a good way!:) Sure, there are negative things out there and they come at me every day. But, so was there negative things in the "Real World" too! Like working in Extreem Heat and Cold. Cutting my self on sharp objects and getting burned!:O Now, believe it or not... I sometimes miss all of that stuff and go outside and to a little tinkering with stuff in the Garage. The reason I even ever learned to use Computers and got into the Internet thing. Is, that my health becam ver bad and over the years digressed to the point that I could no longer work with my hands. So, in a very big way. The Internet has Changed and in some ways Saved My Life. Back in the Olden Days. befor the Internet... Getting help from other peopel has allways been hard. In gnereal Peopel treated infromation in a Propriatery Manner (much like Microsoft and Sun Micro Systems for example). Mechanics were afraid that they would loose money if they told you the tricks of the trade. Plummers, Electricians, Printers (real printing Companies I mean). Just name a Trad or an Industry and befor the Internet... You had to either Get a Job there (if you were lucky). Go to School for 4 Plus years and spend Tens of Thousands of Dollars to do so. Or if you were very Studious and a very good at independant study. You could Read a Book on it... Now a Days, all you need is a Computer and an Internet Connection. The faster the better, for Both. I learned to build Web Sites in 1998. I started learning about Linux about 6 years ago and am now fully Converted from MS to Linux;) And never plan on going back! I have allways loved learning and I learn best by doing. Weither it is with my Hands or in my Mind. I have been able to Study and Learn for the Past 13 years. And all it Costs, is the Price of a Computer and an Internet Conneciton!:)


Columbia University in the City of New York

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