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Saturday, July 9, 2011

G-men pay [Kyle McDonald] a visit - Hack a Day

G-men pay [Kyle McDonald] a visit

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Looks like the men in black have paid [Kyle McDonald] a little visit. The United States Secret Service is investigating him for fraud and related activity for his People Staring At Computers project. We just took a look at that one yesterday, and were thankful that all he was doing was taking people’s pictures and not stealing their information. Looks like [Uncle Sam] wasn’t being as lenient–or it could have been Apple that did the complaining since mums the word from the corporate giant. [Kyle's] also keeping his mouth shut after soliciting the advice of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Since details are scarce, it’s time to play armchair lawyer. Let us know in the comments what you think [Kyle] might be up against, and whether we’ll see this thing hit the courts or not. And remember not to take those comments as legal advice since none of us actually know what we’re talking about.

By the way, the gentleman seen above isn’t [Kyle], he’s one of the unsuspecting ‘victims’ with some wikimedia commons slapped in for effect.

[Thanks Craig, David, and others]

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Hmmm... Well I can see how people might be angry about being Spied On, with out being asked if they wanted to be in Kyle's Video. But I think some nice Royalties would fix that little Problem real fast!;) But, with all of the "Security Cameras" all over the World Today... and with the Harmless and Tasteful use of these Images by Kyle. Why is the Government making a Big Deal of this??? AaaaPPPle would be my first guess! Notice, I misspelled Apple, so as not to alert them (Oops! Did I just spell Apple?;) To me, this just shows the Power of Big Corporations and the Depth of Corruption in our Government!:(


G-men pay [Kyle McDonald] a visit
G-men pay [Kyle McDonald] a visit - Hack a Day
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