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Monday, July 4, 2011

CEE: The USB analog electronics multi-tool by Nonolith Labs — Kickstarter

About this project

The CEE (control · experiment · explore) is an analog multitool. By sourcing and measuring voltage and current, the CEE opens up a world that has previously been restricted by monolithic, bulky, and hard-to-use tools. Learners can explore a wide range of concepts including everything from AC/DC electricity and resistance to work / energy, torque / speed, heat flow, and electrochemistry. As tinkerers, we've used our proof-of-concept boards as a multimeter to sort components in our junk bins, a programmable interface device to test new sensors, a power supply to fuel our breadboards, a web-based datalogger, and every possible combination therein. 

The mix of scripting languages like Python and JavaScript, an easy-to-use web interface, and powerful hardware will allow anyone to CEE the world around them as never before. 


  • tightly integrated, well documented, 100% open-source software for data analysis and real-time measurement
  • flexible drivers offer integration with existing sensors, actuators, and software
  • web-based user interface makes collaboration seamless and painless across Mac, Windows, and Linux, in the garage, in the lab, and at school
  • USB powered and controlled, requiring only one cable
  • sub-millivolt and sub-milliamp precision and accuracy
  • two watt power output, allowing for direct use with a wide range of motors, lights, and sensors
  • two channels, capable of sourcing and measuring up to 5V and 200mA each
  • upgradeable to 2A current with external power supply - some soldering required
  • H-bridge for automatic polarity
  • 44.1k samples per second of voltage & current measurement at 10bit resolution
  • 800 samples per second at 12bit resolution (secondary ADC)
  • 20k samples per second voltage & current control at 12bit resolution
  • 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor (LPC1343)
Go there...

Pixelpulse is a tool for visualizing and controlling analog and digital signals in real-time. It currently supports the CEE, Arduino, BusPirate, and custom Python drivers. It's as simple as drag-and-drop.

Try the demo »
(supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

We're just getting started with Pixelpulse, but we hope it can already help you test out components attached to your Arduino, monitor the temperature in your DIY Bio experiment, or connect and control something awesome with the Python API. With Pixelpulse along with the CEE, we're developing a powerful, intuitive platform for exploring the physical world.

Source code is available on GitHub under the BSD license.


CEE is a swiss army knife for analog electronics
CEE is a swiss army knife for analog electronics - Hack a Day
nonolith labs » pixelpulse » Visualize and control in real-time
nonolith labs » Blog » Announcing CEE and Pixelpulse
CEE: The USB analog electronics multi-tool by Nonolith Labs — Kickstarter
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