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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The perfect light Debian with Fluxbox [Updated] | Linux Operating System

The perfect light Debian with Fluxbox [Updated]

[Update]I've decided to update this old post, as a warming post before the imminent release of Debian 6.0 Squeeze

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I use to work on Desktops PCs, one in my office and one in my Home, I use my Laptop (an old IBM T30) only when I travel, and as I like to travel light, this also goes for my Laptop, so here I will show how do I configured my Laptop with Debian Lenny, and just the necessary software for my job while abroad.

[Update]Well I now have an old T60, but still like to travel light, so I still use Fluxbox and Openbox in my Laptop

First, I made a list of the necessary software:

- Firefox
- Thunderbird
- Word Processor
- Spread Sheet
- Skype
- MSN chat client
- MP3 player
- Vmware

This is for work and fun, now lets install first the system

The base system

I started with The base system of Debian Etch, but be sure to install only the base system not the Desktop environment.

[Update] Now a days, we better install Lenny, so go and pick the the latest stable Debian

Once this is done, we start making the real work, first, I prefer to have Lenny instead of Etch so upgrade to Lenny

[Update] How fast times go, we will now have upgrade to Squeeze

, you of course may stay with the stable version, but I always prefer Testing on my Desktop or Laptop, and only use Stable for my servers.

Adding me to sudoers



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